Top 5 PHP Development Frameworks in 2021

by Rob Stephen getaprogrammer

The availability of a wide range of PHP development frameworks has made things easier for the developers. And here are the top 5 frameworks developers of every PHP development company must use in 2021. 


PHP is the most popular and extensive server-side scripting language available today powering more than 83 percent of the active websites on the internet like Facebook, Zoom, MailChimp, Tumblr, Wikipedia, and many more. It has got an expressive and simple syntax and ensures faster web development. Moreover, PHP is open source in nature and is free to use, which makes it a good choice as well. Furthermore, PHP is well-documented, flexible, and above all, it supports a wide range of web development tools and frameworks that make web development much more efficient and effortless. And all these features and benefits of the programming language have made most of the entrepreneurs look for a PHP development company for their website development instead of the other available web development languages. 


Developers use these frameworks now to make the development process easier and more efficient. On top of this, developers prefer using the frameworks as these enable powerful website development on a well-tested and solid base. In addition to these, the frameworks prove to be a safe bet for even building complex websites and web applications easily. 


Millions of businesses are going online and this has increased the level of competition when it comes to building a website or web app. Building robust and engaging websites or web apps within a fair time span is important. And this is when the frameworks come into play the role. 


There are many advantages of using these frameworks, some of which are shared here. 

  • PHP frameworks accelerate the web development process as these come with many tools and libraries that reduce the development time. 
  • These also reduce the amount of code developers have to write again because these frameworks have in-built functions and libraries that prevent developers from writing lengthy codes from scratch. 
  • The frameworks also ensure organised and high-quality coding. 
  • These also help many team members to work cooperatively on the same project. 


Now, take a look at the top 5 PHP development frameworks that you must use in 2021. 



Undoubtedly, Laravel is the most popular PHP framework now. Laravel is known for its high-end features like its in-built blade template engine, artisan CLI, encryption, hashing, easy authentication and libraries, support for ORM, simple and expressive syntax, and support for unit-testing. Laravel comes with almost everything required for effortless and efficient complex web application development. It also ensures less development time than the other available frameworks. Also, Laravel has a large community support that helps developers to resolve and address any problem during the development time. 



Symfony was introduced a few years back and is considered as one of the best PHP frameworks now. One of the major advantages of using Symfony is that it offers support for all the available databases. And this is a great choice for projects that has a large amount of data. Developers love to use Symfony also because of its elegant documentation. The framework has its in-built testing features as well, which is a great plus point again. 



CodeIgniter is another amazing PHP framework that works on the MVC structure. It is a lightweight framework and is quite easy to work with even when many team members are working together on the same project. CodeIgniter is known for its high flexibility and speed. It boasts a large number of forums and communities that helps to address and fix different complexities and issues during the development time. Also, it offers high security to the websites. 



CakePHP is best known for its support for CRUD operations. Launched a few years back, this is a pretty easy-to-learn framework and is a great choice for the beginners in this field. CakePHP is also an easy and lightweight framework. CakePHP also needs minimal configurations for deploying the projects. It also offers faster development. Furthermore, CakePHP comes with some high-end security features like encryption, password hashing, CSRF and XSS protection, and SQL injection that make it a reliable and secure choice as well. 



Zend is also counted in the list of the best PHP frameworks available now. It is known for its features like support for object-oriented web app development, support for MVC architecture, simple cloud API support, support for databases like SQLite, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and more, session management, data encryption, flexible and easy URI routing, and its support for RESTful API development. 


Hence, it can be concluded that if you want to minimise the development time and make the development process an efficient and effortless task, choosing the right framework as per the business needs, can be a smart and wise decision. But to make the most out of the framework, you need to have a solid understanding of the core concepts of the frameworks like the MVC structure, database management, object-relational mapping, use of the command lines and libraries, object-oriented syntax and everything about PHP. 


Jonathan Paul is a dedicated and expert PHP developer associated with the top PHP development company in Australia, PHPProgrammers. The author has written this article to let you know about the top 5 PHP frameworks developers must use in 2021. 

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