Top 5 Exercises and Workouts for Absolute Beginners

by Naman A. Well-Motivated Digital Marketer

If you are a beginner looking to kickstart your exercise routine, you're at the right place. We present to you the best exercises that can benefit your health. However, we suggest having a personal trainer who can rectify your postures and inform you about the required repetitions. Only then you’ll be able to enjoy the optimum benefits of these exercises.

As a beginner, you need a personal trainer in Footscray or in your neighbourhood to provide the perfect antidote that helps you reach the fitness levels you desire. We present the top 5 beginner exercises common in most personal training sessions. These are only the tip of the iceberg, and your personal trainer will explain the crucial details about these workouts.

Hip Hinge

In simple terms, your movement while picking something from the floor is a hip hinge. The exercise targets your posterior chain, including hamstrings, glutes, hip adductors and the lower back. Though it may seem easy, getting the right posture can be taxing, so your personal trainer in Footscray can assist you with the best technique. 

How to do a Hip Hinge: 

  • Stand straight with your feet and shoulders wide apart. Hold a dowel or stick behind your back, in alignment with the spine.

  • Hold the top of the stick on the back of your head. Hold the stick's other side with your other hand while touching the lower back.

  • Bend your torso towards the front and keep the stick touching your lower back. Remember not to bend the knees.

  • Once parallel to the ground, return to the original position, maintaining contact with the stick. 


Lunges mean to pounce. So, the exercise is about being in a position where you are ready to pounce or leap. It's an effective exercise to strengthen your core, lower back, and improve mobility and balance. Lunges have many variations, but here we shall explain how to make the classic forward lunge. As you increase your stamina and endurance, you can learn of other forms during the personal training sessions.

How to do a Lunge:

  • Stand straight with your feet wide apart

  • With a large step, take your right leg forward 

  • Lower the hips, until your left leg almost touches the ground. Maintain the body weight on the right leg

  • Push yourself back in the starting position and repeat with the left leg forward.

Step Up

If your lifestyle includes climbing stairs, step-up is what you are attempting there. It's an excellent exercise for strengthening your legs, lower back and buttocks. Most personal trainers in Footscray recommend step-ups as one can do this exercise anywhere. All you require is a bench, box or a chair.

How to do Step Ups:

  • Stand in front of the box and place your right foot on it

  • Press your right foot onto the box to bring the left one forward and stand on the box

  • Step down by first bringing the right leg and then the left

  • Perform a few repetitions with the right leg ahead and then with the left leg.


If there is one exercise we've seen extensively, it must be push-ups. However, the floor push-up isn't an apt exercise for beginners. Your personal trainers in Footscray will recommend wall or chair push-ups, to begin with. It's an excellent way to strengthen your upper body and core muscles. 

How to do Push Ups:

  • Stand in front of a wall with feet shoulder-width apart, maintaining an arm's distance

  • Place your palms on the wall at shoulder height and lean forward

  • Bend your elbows to move the upper body towards the wall, ensuring your feet stay flat on the ground

  • Hold this position for a few seconds and then slowly move back to the starting position


The carry exercise is all about lifting weights and walking around. It focuses on training every muscle of your body, and you can do it in multiple variations. Its key benefits are strengthening the upper back, lower back, legs, shoulders and core. Here we are explaining 2 beginners’ carry exercises. Your personal trainers in Footscray can introduce you to many other forms according to the body's needs.

Farmer's Carry

You will need 2 dumbbells or kettlebells for the farmer's carry exercise.

How to work with Farmer’s Carry:

  • Place the dumbbell or kettlebell on the floor near your feet

  • Squat and pick both the dumbbells with your palm

  • Gradually stand, keeping the chest up

  • Walk forward with an upright torso, and don't let the weight pull you down

  • When finished, place the dumbbell on the floor

Suitcase Carry

In the suitcase carry exercise, you require only 1 dumbbell and here you need to carry it in 1 hand and walk with an upright torso keeping in mind not to bend towards a side.

Wrapping up

Now that your sneaker game is on point and you are all set to begin your journey towards better health, it's time to reach for the best personal trainer in Footscray for expert guidance. Seek someone who conducts customised classes; also,if you wish to learn alone or with a group, your trainer should be able to provide that. With the best trainer, you will have an exercise routine suitable to your lifestyle and witness significant results in a small duration.

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