Top 5 Equestrian Accessories That Are Must-Haves in the Stable

by John Smith Canada

Equestrians are looking for the latest equestrian equipment and horse accessories available to ensure their horse is comfortable. If you are just starting, the amount of equipment and accessories available is quite staggering! New riders are often left to wander around a shop or scroll through pages of items online. Here’s a helpful horseback riding equipment list from Ride Every Stride for all riders that identify must-have items and what you need to know about each.

 1. Stable Supplies 

●      Clippers

 When it comes to buying clippers for your stable, there are many choices for jobs, both big and small. There are three types of horse clippers to choose from: trimmers, body clippers, and multi-purpose clippers. Trimmers are made for light-duty areas like your horse’s face, ears, and muzzle and are available in both corded and battery-operated models.

●      Scale

 Feed your horse by weight, not by volume. This is standard advice given by professionals. A scale is significant, especially when your horse is having weight issues. You want to weigh the hay before feeding the horse. 

●      Feeder

 When it comes to finding a quality feeder for your horse, take some time to figure out what would best suit your horse’s needs. Many great options offer different slow feeders, wall-mounted feeders, and ground-based feeders.

●      Watering Supplies

 Water is the most critical nutrient required for your horse, and it often gets overlooked! Providing your horses with fresh, clean water is one of the essential features to consider when planning your barn. Every horse must always have constant access to fresh, clean water. To prevent bacteria and grime from building up on the receptacle, causing the water to become stagnant, you should clean it out twice daily. There are two main methods of providing water in the stable: buckets or an automatic watering system.

●      Hay Management

 There are many options for getting hay into your horse—nets, feeders, managers, bags, automatic feeders, from the ground—what’s the best way to feed your horse hay?

2. Horse Blankets

 A vital horse accessory is a blanket or rug blanket intended to keep a horse warm or protected from wind or other elements. 

They are tailored to fit around a horse’s body from chest to rump, with straps crossing underneath the belly to secure the blanket yet allowing the horse to move about freely.

 Most have one or two straps that buckle in front, but a few designs have a closed front and must be slipped over a horse’s head. 

Some designs also have small straps that loop lightly around the horse’s hind legs to prevent the blanket from slipping sideways.


What is the best way to store horse blankets, not in daily use? You might combine horizontal stacking and vertical hanging in the tack room. Swing-arm blanket bars encourage air circulation for the thick, insulated blankets.

 The hanging four-bar blanket rack stacks four blankets, sheets, or coolers in layers folded over each bar. It takes less space but requires you to feed each folded blanket over rails close together.

3. Equestrian Whips

 A crop sometimes called a riding crop or hunting crop is a short type of whip without a lash, used in horse riding, part of the family of tools known as horsewhips. Horse whips or riding whips are used by riders while riding, driving, or handling horses from the ground. There are many different kinds of crops, but all feature a handle, a long, semi-flexible shaft, and either a popper or lash at the end, depending on use.

4. Horse Equipment Storage

 If your horses live at a boarding stable, you must keep all your horse equipment in a lockable trunk. Storing your horse equipment in this way will help you to keep track of your belongings and make sure you know where they are whenever you need them. 

The same thing applies if you keep your horse in the backyard of your house. You must keep your horse’s equipment secured and safe in a tack room so that you do not have to struggle to find any item when you need it.

 Are you looking to add new equipment to your stable? Well, look no further. We, at Ride Every Stride, offer all types of horse accessories, equestrian equipment, horse riding equipment, as well as other items that would be essential for your stable on our online store. 

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