Top 5 CMS Platform for business website development

by Dhanpat Saran Premier eCommerce Development

CMS stands for Content Management System. It is a system for your website which allows you to control and manage your website’s content. You can add, delete or modify content within your website with the help of your CMS, and here content means web content, images, graphics, and web pages. Even if you do not have any technical knowledge then also you can manage your website with drag-and-drop technology. You just need to have basic knowledge about MS word and you can easily manage your website on your own. 

But, sometimes you can find some complicated errors on your web page, and you cannot fix such problems without any technical knowledge. In this case, you need to hire the best web design services India and they can fix or design your website with the best CMS platform. There are various types of CMS platforms available nowadays and it is really complicated to choose the best one among them. Some of them are suitable for eCommerce business and few of them are designed for personal blogs. So you need to decide the purpose of your website and then choose the CMS platform according to your requirements. Here you can find the top five CMS for website development:   

  1. WordPress: this is an open-source platform based on PHP and WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world. According to major web development services, WordPress is suitable for personal blogging, and it is not a perfect choice for eCommerce business. But, now with the help of Woocommerce and other plug-ins available in WordPress, you can easily design a powerful eCommerce website on the WordPress CMS platform. This is the most powerful content management system where you can find high-quality support, security, and flexibility. Moreover, WordPress does not require any technical knowledge and you can use drag-and-drop technology to build a well responsive website on WordPress. You do not need to work on HTML and you can edit your webpage from your Smartphone too. WordPress has robust tools to locate and solve configuration problems and you can easily develop your website without the help of a web design and development company.      
  2. Magento: This is an open-source content management system, specially designed for eCommerce businesses. It is considered as the best eCommerce platform. Magento designed with powerful marketing tools, search engine optimization, and catalog management system. So if you want to design an eCommerce store then you can ask your web development services to host your website on Magento. The latest version of Magento CMS comes with a new inventory management feature, and developers can use the Progressive Web Apps studio or PWA studio to build a well responsive eCommerce store. Even you can find the fastest and advanced payment system in Magento. Its worth checking the essential elements of a successful eCommerce website before starting a new online store.   
  3. Drupal: Drupal is a content management system written in the PGP language and you need some technical knowledge, especially in PGP language to develop your website on Drupal. This is ready to use CMS where you can find software supports, newsletters, collaborative authoring, podcasts, image gallery, peer-to-peer networking, and fine downloads or uploads. Most of the online news channels are designed with Drupal because they can easily add their resent feed on their website and make live on search engines. Web developers can easily configure the website under version control and track changes mode in Drupal, and they can use the XML and JSON system to expose their data. Apart from that, people can also use libraries of Drupal like PHPUnit, Composer, Zend Feed and Guzzle. 
  4. Joomla: if you do not have any technical knowledge then you can choose the Joomla CMS platform because this is easy to install and you can set up this CMS with a single click. Since Joomla is an easy to use CMS platform, you can easily build a website within a few hours, and they can manage their websites further without any glitches. The latest version of Joomla comes with an automated request and tracking system, and you can find various applications in Joomla like information update and removal requests and extensions for understanding the amount or type of data collected from users. If you want to design a well responsive website filled with content, then Joomla is the best CMS platform for you. 
  5. Typo 3: this is not a great CMS for new users because Typo3 is a relatively new and user-friendly CMS. If you want to build an intranet then Typo3 is the best platform for you. Typo3, come with some cool features like multilingual support and you can enable multiple websites from a single installation. You do not need to waste your time by logging different CMS for the separate websites, and web development agencies can easily access all of their websites from their single dashboard. Plus, you can share data and tools among your websites with Typo3 CMS.  

Apart from that, you can find some other popular content management systems in the market such as Concrete 5, Serendipity, Dotclear, ImpressPages, and Chamilo. In this regard, you can talk to the experts of Axis Web Art to choose the best CMS platform for your online businesses. 

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