Top 5 Android App Development Trends you Need to Watch Out in 2021

by Rob Stephen getaprogrammer

Most businesses are going for Android app development because of the huge popularity and usage of Android devices across the world. And here are the top 5 Android application development trends you must watch out for to stay ahead in the competition in the Google Play Store this year. 


Since the introduction of the Android operating system in the year 2009, it has taken over the tech market by its storm. The OS has turned out to be the pioneer and leading market holder in mobile technology. And today, Android captures over 85 percent of the mobile and app market share. 


It is also estimated that in 2021, businesses are going to witness more significant growth and advancements in the Android platform. The OS is expected to come up with more new and modern technologies for users across the world. And this will make more and more businesses have an app for this Android platform. 


As per the Stats reports:

  • Android has more than 3 million apps in the Google Play Store and is still counting. 
  • Android holds more than 85 percent of the total app market share. 


With this huge number of apps already existing and with the maximum percentage of mobile users using Android devices, it will always be a smarter idea to go for Android app development now and get it built using the latest trends and technologies to stay ahead in the competition in the Google Play store. 


And here is the article stating the top 5 Android application development trends developers and business merchants must watch out for in 2021. 


Android Instant Apps:

Android Instant apps permit the users for try out games or other apps without even installing them on their devices. It prevents users from downloading and installing the applications but still ensures a web fast experience for the users. Instant Apps do not take any extra space on the devices. In simple words, it gives complete access to the applications without even downloading them. 


Multiplatform Development (Flutter):

Flutter is one of the new technologies and is considered the future of Android application development as well. This framework allows building an app using the native interface of the Android platform. Many developers also consider and use Flutter as a tool for creating apps for this platform because of its high flexibility, native design, easy-to-use features, and MVP development. 


Android Jetpack:

It is a complete suite of libraries and tools for efficient Android application development. The 4 major elements of the Android jetpack are architecture, UI, behaviour, and its foundation. As this trend ensures to make application development faster and easier, it is now counted in the list of the top 5 trends for building Android applications. 


Kotlin Multiplatform:

Presently Kotlin offers developers an amazing feature for Android application development that is multi-platform projects. This feature is accessible in Kotlin versions 1.2 and 1.3. Kotlin allows sharing of codes between platforms. Also, it supports systems and technologies like JavaScript, Linux, and more apart from Android. Kotlin speeds up the app development process as well, saving a lot of time that the developers can spend on the other crucial tasks of the project. 


5G Technology:

As compared to the 4G networks, this new and advanced 5G technology is much faster. With the extremely high radio frequency and high speed of around 100 GBPS, this technology has reached the highest level of data transmission using more than 1.4 billion mobile devices globally. If you want to get your Android app using the latest technology, ensure the app supports 5G technology. 


Every year, Android comes with new innovations and advancements in technologies and trends. And some of these that have come up in 2021 were listed above in this article. Though these were the top 5 ones, there are many more trends that can be used to give a competitive edge to the app like cloud-based Android apps, wearables, accelerated mobile pages or AMP, Augmented Reality or AR and Virtual Reality or VR, chatbots, Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning or AI and ML, on-demand apps, Internet of things or IoT, beacon technology, and Blockchain technology. 


Rob Stephen is a dedicated and highly proficient app developer associated with a leading Android app development company in Australia, GetAProgrammer. The author has written this article to unbox the top 5 trends developers and business merchants must watch out for in 2021 for competitive app development for Android.

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