Top 5 Android App Development Trends Likely to Dominate in 2018

by Siya Carla Sr. Web & Graphic Designer , Blogger

It was 2008, and the world was desperate to upgrade the way the mobile platform and telecommunication used to look, feel, and behave. The devices were dull; the price tags, burning. The iPhone was yet to turn 1, and it was a rare sight in even the recently-developed nations back then.

OEMs like Samsung were craving for something to transform the lean run of their devices. What better a time had Google got to give Android its first OS outing. The Android stepped out on the right foot and took the world by a thunder. The Android wave binged like wildfire and people latched onto it with both their hands.

It was 2008, and the mobile world got the monster 'A'.

It was no way looking back ever since for Android. Android is a colossal ecosystem, and it keeps bulging year after year. Each year, there's an extensive radiant and radical spectrum of technologies launching with newer Android versions with the core intent of simplifying our lives, and to make it safer, faster, and better.

Android will turn 10 next year and the global Android app development fraternity is an in readiness to celebrate the decade with a buffet of gen-next technologies being introduced, implemented and intensified.

Here's a sneak peek at the top 5 mobile app development trends that are bound to make an impact in 2018.

#1. Advent of Android Instant Apps

"Android Instant Apps" is already one of the most vigorously searched terms on Google. It's bound to create a stir in the App world, and will most likely disrupt mobile-optimized websites.

What, exactly, are Instant Apps?

Google created the Android Instant Apps to help users gain faster access to Android apps. With just one click, smartphone users can now download apps in an instant. There's more! The Instant Apps are installed on a device only in part and not completely downloaded on it in full capacity, which means:

You can access your favorite apps in an instant without overconsumption of data

Your device won't get overloaded with several apps that you generally use infrequently

#2. The rise of Internet of Things (IoT)

Since each IOT application development solution requires a robust and heavy-duty mobile application to drive it seamlessly, and enabling users to configure and manage their connected smart devices, it is sure going to be the most thriving trend in Android mobile app development in the year ahead.

Among its noteworthy apps such as those for handling smart cities, smart home, wearables, connected health and connected cars, the Smart Home principally stands out in terms of trending IoT prospects for 2018.

The smart home is hot favorite since it has more practicality, instructiveness and worth for almost everyone, given that wearables have already settled down.

IoT industry is rendering massive proceeds to the Android app development companies; hence Android app developers have a superlative responsibility to develop IoT-enabled mobile applications for the Android platform.

The IoT has the endless possibilities to augment the power and performance of smart device sensors for securely exchanging personal information over the Wi-Fi.

#3. Android AI assistant

There was a massive increase of more than 300 percent in investment in the Artificial Intelligence this year.

Including AI to an Android business app provides advanced cognitive interfaces to complex systems together with delivering advanced analytics to app users.

What can AI do for app users?

The AI-based Android assistant can communicate with the user, follow his or her commands, clarify obligatory information, and serve as a smart chatbot. The bot can even recognize complicated commands.

Android personal assistants are already powerful, and we have quite a few productive and elegant options. The boom in AI during the year ahead will empower Android apps more than ever, and android app development companies will look forward to jump on the bandwagon and make the most of AI's tremendous capabilities to increase business and revenue.

#4. The rise of cloud-based Android apps

Cloud technology is no novelty, it has been here since a while now. With glorious growth and rise of cloud-based computing, and technologies like SaaS, PaaS, etc., enterprises as noteworthy as Microsoft has done well to use cloud to good effect and provides users the ease and fast anytime, anywhere access to services like Office 365, cloud technology has traveled a fair distance in 2017.

In the year ahead, cloud computing will extend its realms to cover the Android mobile app world. Implementing cloud computing modules in Android applications will give extended productivity to users and improved business foundations to the Android app developers.

Users will be able to fetch data straight from the cloud environment and take least amount space on their smartphones.

Reports reveal, "Globally, cloud apps will drive 90% of total mobile data traffic by 2019, and Mobile cloud traffic will be 11-fold with compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 60%." And therefore, Android app developers would do well to start planning things right now.

#5. Search within Android app

Most developers gave little care to the concept of embedding search and search filters within Android apps initially; however, the implementation of search within apps by Google, itself, in its Gmail Android app made developers give it a serious thinking.

And in just next to no time, several leading app developers such as Spotify and YouTube implemented the module of search embedded within a mobile app.

It makes sense as the features helps your users search the in-app content more effectively, in an organized manner, and get appropriate results quickly.

In 2018, most apps will be having this feature as 'obvious' element.

This winds up our list of top 5 Android app development trends that are likely to dominate in 2018. As a mobile app development company, you must be willing to become an early adopter of these to guarantee massive returns.

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