Top 5 Android App Development tools in 2021

by Rob Stephen getaprogrammer

The availability of so many different Android app development tools have made things simpler and efficient for developers today. Here is the list of the best 5 tools for Android developers in 2021. 


This is a mobile app era and having a mobile application has become essential for every single business today. There’s no better way to reach the global marketplace and global audience than an application now. According to the current Stats reports, 

  • There are more than 5 million applications on the App Stores.
  • The Google App store has more than 2.8 million apps, and 
  • The Apple App Store has over 2.2 million applications


Well, now if you compare Android and iOS, you will find that Android holds more than 80 percent of the app market share and has the maximum number of users across the world today. This has made Android app development the first choice among businesses today, no matter if it is a startup or an enterprise. 


With this increasing demand for Android apps and with the increasing level of competition on the Google App store, it has become crucial for the developers as well to build high-quality and competitive applications for the platform. Also, the availability of a plethora of tools and technologies have made things easier for the developers. Designing, developing, and giving a competitive edge to the applications has gone easier with these new and advanced tools and technologies. So, no matter if you are a newbie or a pro in building Android apps, you need to be aware of these tools now. 


Here are the top 5 Android app development tools you must use in 2021. 


Android applications are evolving every day and thousands of apps are getting released every single day on the platform. With this, new app development tools are also emerging in the market to help out the developers to a great extent. Here are the top 5 ones discussed for you. 


Android Studio:

If you are planning for native Android application development, Android Studio is the best tool you can use today. Native applications are specifically built for a single platform, either it is Android, iOS, or some other platform. But when it is Android, this is the right tool you can use. This tool helps with the easy writing of a native codebase for the application following the Android App Store guidelines and rules. The tool comes with features like an intelligent code editor, APK analyser, visual layout, and a fast simulator that simplify the application development process. Some of its highlighted features are: - 


Insightful code proofreader: The developers can compose high-quality codes quickly due to the excellent and well-organised code management feature of this app builder. It offers code refactoring, code fulfilment, and code examination. And when you write the codes, the tool gives recommendations in the form of a dropdown list automatically. 


A responsive and quick emulator: The Android Studio also comes with a responsive and quick emulator that helps developers to easily test the applications on different Android devices. 


A visual layout editor: This is also there in the Android Studio. Developers can create the layout for the application quickly by adding so many different attributes available in this editor. The preview of the codes can also be seen and the developers can make the required changes accordingly after getting the preview. App testing is also easy with this. 


Android SDK or Software development Kit

One of the best Android application development tools is the Android SDK. It comes with a set of tools or can be considered as a tool kit the developers can use for easy and effortless application development. It comes with features like easy optimising of the codes, writing of the codes, and quick codebase testing. And the best thing is that this tool supports all programming languages. 


Unity 3D: 

Unity 3D is a great choice of tool for building high-definition gaming Android applications. It helps to create fully functional and quality 2D and 3D gaming apps with predictable illustrations, natural structure, and a great format. 



The fourth most popular tool for building Android applications is the Firebase. This particular tool helps to reduce the total development time and helps developers to avoid messing with the data storage and servers. Some of its features are that it comes with incredible in-built analytics, a solid interface that ensures easy and quick app development, and more. 


B4A that is Basic for Android:

B4A or Basic for Android is also counted in the list of the top 5 tools for building Android applications. There is no added runtime and dependencies in this tool and it helps to create native apps for this platform. It is solely designed for building apps for the Android App Store. It comes with a strong and robust GUI app builder that supports all Android devices, screens, and orientations. It also comes with a library that makes it easy to create complex applications as well. Developers do not have to even write XML codes and can simply use a device linked through the B4A bridge, connected by an Android emulator or USB cable to develop and debug the app. 


These 5 tools for Android app development have made application development a lot easier now. Implementing advanced features and functionalities in an Android application is now a matter of minutes with these tools. This makes it necessary for the developers to have the proper knowledge and practical experience of using these tools outlined above in this article. 


Rob Stephen is an app developer having hands-on experience in Android app development and is associated with the top app development company in Australia, GetAProgrammer. The author has written this article to let you know all about the top 5 Android application development tools available in 2021. 

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