Top 4 Health Benefits of Masala Tea

by Prince Raj Butterfly Ayurveda Pvt Ltd

CTC black tea from Assam and orthodox are the two most popular tea blend types known in the Indian market. But there are few differences between them, and the primary one is based on the technique of processing. The manufacturing style of these two types of teas is popular in the Indian market. We should see the differences between the two-


Difference between CTC and Orthodox teas


1.    What are CTC and Orthodox brew?


We should start with what kind of these two tea blends are and how they are referred to as in India. CTC is a method of brewing black tea which is more advanced than the processing method of orthodox brew. On the other hand, the production of the orthodox brew is a more conventional way.


2.    Why are they manufactured?


These are two kinds of Assam tea. We should explore the intentions of manufacturing these two sorts of tea. CTC is made to deliver tea lovers quality tea at less time. On the other hand, Orthodox or traditional tea is made to preserve only one virtue of leaves of the beverage. CTC tea like Desi Masala Chai is also known as the fastest produced homogenous tea. It easily meets the high demand as it is easy to produce and quick to deliver. 


3.    What is the method used for production?


CTC tea or Desi Masala Chai is produced most traditionally and hence takes very little to manufacture. It is one of the quickest ways of manufacturing teas with constant quality. In this methodology, tea leaves are put under cylindrical with ragged blades that crush-curl-and tear the tea leaves to extract the granules. 


4.    How is orthodox tea processed?


Orthodox tea is manufactured using traditional or conventional methods in place of using machines, thus its production takes much time to consume and needs several resources. Tea is procured and made with the help of hands to find whole tea leave.

The production of the tea includes procedures like:

  • Withering
  • Rolling process to get chemicals
  • Oxidation
  • Firing


The whole procedure of Orthodox tea gets monitored by the professionals to get unique flavors from the tea leaves. The production cost of orthodox tea is quite higher than CTC thus it affects their brew prices. 


5.    What are the different flavors offered?


It has been seen that Orthodox tea provides high true value when compared with CTC blends. CTC gives generic taste between whereas Orthodox tea comes with different sorts like black, green-white, and oolong. Those who prefer masala tea can go to the Desi Masala Chai blended with other herbs to get the best experience. 


6.    What much do they cost?


When it comes to talk about the price of the Orthodox brew and CTC brew, the cost of Orthodox is quite more because of its processing methodologies and high-quality blend. CTC teas are much affordable and give a good experience. 


Benefits of Masala Tea-


Masala Chai is not just good in flavor, but also serves multiple health benefits-


It helps balance Vata, Pitta & Kapha Doshas- Ayurveda brings three life forces called tridoshas which classify humans according to their body types. Masala chai helps in maintaining all 3 doshas. 


It helps cough, dyspnea & coryza- Cough, Dyspnea and Coryza are respiratory problems that troubles you in breathing and cause the formation of mucus. Masala chai helps you in these medical conditions. 


Good for anorexia- If you have a weak appetite or have anorexia, the best ayurvedic tea in India with masala flavors can help increase your appetite. 


Good for boosting taste- Masala chai helps enhance your taste, and you pick every singular flavour whatever you eat or drink.


Conclusion- Masala chai is a rich flavoured tea and different from the orthodox one in processing to its taste. Apart from its flavour characteristics, the tea also has 4 health benefits.

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