Top 4 Hacks To Pick The Right Ride On Scrubber Drier

by Michael Mousely Blogger

Scrubber dryers are the faster, most productive and cost-effective means for cleaning just any hard floor surface.

Since clean water is constantly fed through on the floor with action of the scrubber’s head, floors are left really cleaner than by using a mop and bucket.

Adding to this, ride on scrubber drier is a lot less labor intense and more efficient, they provide real value to anyone who needs to maintain tiles, wooden, concrete or vinyl floors.

However, when it comes to choosing the best scrubber drier for you need, there are some hacks that you must consider. Here are some of the best factors that you must evaluate.

Type And Size Of Floor Area That Need Cleaning

Often while selecting a scrubber dryer, people would base their decision on the machine size they think would best suit the largest area of floor space.

But, you must avoid making costly mistakes and evaluate all of the areas the scrubber drier could be used for.

If you have a huge area that needs cleaning, of course ride on scrubber driers can help. These can actually use less operating space. Since you sit within the footprint of the machine, the space you would normally stand behind the machine doesn’t get used. This can be around 20cm saved over using a walk-behind.

Thereby, sitting operators feel less fatigued and can work productively and cover more space in lesser time.


The dimensions of a ride on scrubber drier must be evaluated closely. Most of these driers are designed to fit through a standard doorway, but many times in old buildings, there are different doorway sizes.

Check out the width of the machine, when it is a ride-on scrubber machine. Don’t just look at the brush head since for most scrubber driers, the squeegee would be the widest point.

If you have to transport a scrubber drier from one floor to another through a lift, then check the length and the width of the machine. Also, for ride on machines check on their height too.

Filling And Drainage Locations

The scrubber driers have the capacity to hold enough water, in some cases over 200 litres. It is essential to consider where you would be filling and emptying this machine.

Having enough space and or suitable length of filling hose to reach may be challenging for some facilities. Likewise, it may be difficult to find a place to drain the dirty water.

Now, depending on the facility type you are cleaning and local waste water rules, you must be aware of the safest and most convenient places to empty the scrubber drier.

Charging Areas

While most small and medium sized scrubber driers are mains powered and so have a trailing cable, medium sized and larger ones are battery powered using either wet cell or gel or AGM maintenance free batteries.

A ride on scrubber drier may even work on diesel and in itself poses issues for storage and access to appropriate fuel supply.

Now, recharging batteries is important. Ensure that the area where the machine is situated for changing has proper power supply.

Keep these considerations in mind while getting a scrubber drier for your facility.

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