Top 20 AngularJS Development Tools That Developers Should Know In 2022

by Simone Daniels IT Solutions
If you are someone who wants to build a powerful and dynamic application while considering less development time, consider an AngularJS framework.

AngularJS framework provides a diverse range of tools and functionality to make development work simple and easier.

It has become one of the most-loved frameworks due to the simple architecture of HTML5 with a wide range of intuitive features and a simple syntax.

Developers can easily build robust and manageable web applications, as this framework has the potential to simplify frontend development.

AngularJS offers a magnitude of development tools for web development. Here are some of the tools.

20 Best and most popular Angular developer tools to build apps for developers

1. Karma
2. Protractor
3. Webstorm
4. Jasmine
5. Angular Fire
6. Angular IDE
7. Mocha.js
8. DjAngular
9. Code Orchestra
10. Angular Kickstart
11. Sublime Text
12. jsfiddle
13. NG-inspector
14. Angular seed
15. Generator Angular
16. Angular Deckgrid
17. Videogular
18. Mean
19. Aptana Studio
20. Angular-gettext 

1. Karma
It is one of the best Angular developer tools that help developers to test their code in a real-time environment without any hassles. Karma's intuitive on-ground testing' feature quickly uncovers potential flaws, defects, and glitches and helps developers ease the testing task easier.

When it comes to offering the best testing environment, Karma has never failed to impress the developers and is best suitable for testing apps on real devices and browsers like tablets and phones.

Features of Karma
• Real devices testing
• Open Source
• Easy Debugging
• Continuous Integration

Companies use Karma
• Accenture
• GitLab
• Typeform

2. Protractor
It is one of the AngularJS dev tools created by Google and used for web applications that allow end-to-end testing and runs on browsers. 

It conducts tests in real software and allows your tests to be automatically synchronized to the page utilizing Protractor. It supports Node.js, Mocha, Jasmine, and Selenium.

Features of Protractor
• Easy setup and installation
• Support Data-Driven test
• Auto-Synchronization
• Optimal speed

Companies use Protractor
• Gartner
• Prudential Financial

3. Webstorm
Webstorm is the best IDE for AngularJS development that includes an Angular online editor and is compatible with Node.js, HTML, and CSS, along with all current technologies. It is one of the finest AngularJS dev tools and is considered a clever code editor, making it a suitable choice for developers to work with ease.

Features of Webstorm
• Smart editor
• Advanced coding assistance
• Unified UI
• Tool integration
• Built-in debugger

Companies use Webstorm
• Graphy 
• Tech Stack
• Alibaba Travels
• Lyft 

4. Jasmine
Jasmine, one of the AngularJS dev tools, is a behaviour-driven framework used to test web development. Due to its simple, intuitive, and easy syntax, it becomes easy for developers to use it and perform the testing efficiently.

Angular developer tools offered by Jasmine don't depend on the JavaScript network, DOM, or browsers. This testing framework helps developers effectively write tests due to its simple and clean syntax and hence become one of the incredible choices for developers.

Features of Jasmine
• Unit-testing web apps
• Open-source
• Clean & easy syntax
• Straightforward API

Companies use Jasmine
• Walmart
• GitLab
• Ocado Technology

5. Angular Fire
You can effectively create a backend for your Angular projects with Angular fire. Its comprehensive API and three-way data binding make it simplify the development process. In addition, its development capabilities help in easy management of binary data, including videos and pictures. AngularJS dev tools provided by Angular Fire help improve the developer experience, especially for novice developers.

Features of Angular Fire
• Dependency injection
• Real-time binding synchronization
• Comprehensive API
• Three-way data binding

6. Angular IDE
Angular IDE is the best IDE for AngularJS development for both beginners and professionals and comes with smart syntax-aware source code coloring. It can provide effective, easy, and fast development and come along with the HTML template intelligence for tag detection and auto-completed codes.

Features of Angular IDE
• Real-time code validation
• Advanced settings with full-formatting
• Supports Angular 7
• Auto-completion of code

7. Mocha.js
Mocha.js is a free JavaScript test framework that works in the browser and on Node.js. It has a profound interface that can intuitively test code for synchronous and asynchronous. It is one of the Angular developer tools to perform tests in a sequential order to provide customizable and fair reporting while mapping unidentified issues to their relevant test cases.

Features of Mocha
• Browser support
• Open-source
• Test coverage reporting

Companies use Mocha
• Coursera
• Asana
• Frontend Stack

8. DjAngular
These AngularJS dev tools help in improving AngularJS app integration. You can create AngularJS content by unleashing DjAngular per app for AngularJs development. It's a reusable application that enables better application reconciliation and flexibility. It is a customizable framework with a namespacing AngularJS content feature.

Features of DjAngular
• Flexible framework
• Better Integration
• Namespacing AngularJS content

9. Code Orchestra
Code orchestra is an Angularjs dev tool that lets programmers code in real-time, and it's also allowed them to make changes and save codes. In other words, when a developer makes some changes to the program, it automatically updates the program. This is accomplished by using a unique protocol that makes integration easier.

Features of Code Orchestra
• Simple and clean code
• Different platform testing simultaneously
• Simple app architecture
• Support all platforms like Mac/Linux

10. Angular Kickstart
This makes it feasible to develop AngularJS applications quickly by harnessing angular developer tools. It streamlines the development process easier for developers during the development phase due to the scalable build system included in the Angular Kickstart. Undoubtedly, it has become the best angular development tool for developers due to its easy-to-use interface.

Features of Angular Kickstart
• Consistent project structure
• Optimized production release
• Ease the development process 

11. Sublime Text
It is a sophisticated and best IDE for AngularJS development text editor for code and markup. It boasts a simple and clean user interface with a plethora of features and offers exceptional performance. Its efficiency, simple coding capabilities, and exceptional output quality make Sublime Text one of the prominent angular developer tools for web development.

Features of Sublime Text
• Available for OS X, Windows, and Linux
• Offer custom UT toolkit
• Cross-platform editing
• Easy project switching

Companies use Sublime Text
• Lyft
• Trivago
• Hubspot
• Fiverr
• Stack

12. jsfiddle
Jsfiddle is an Angular online editor that comes with Angular developer tools that have the capability to make the coding easier for programmers. The notable feature of jsfiddle is that it allows you to experiment with CSS, Angular, JavaScript, and HTML code on a single screen. If you compare other Angular online editors, this tool differentiates itself with its quick loading and is an extremely light feature.

Features of jsfiddle
• Remote debugging
• Adjustable panel size
• JavaScript or CoffeeScript
• Real-time collaboration

Companies use jsfiddle
• Mozilla Developer Network
• Google Docs
• BrowserStack

13. NG-inspector
NG-inspector is a Safari, Firefox, and chrome extension that allows the developers to develop, debug, and keenly understand the working of AngularJS applications by unleashing the inspector window. 

It utilizes directives and controllers capable of displaying and identifying each scope quickly.

Features of NG-inspector
• DOM highlighting
• Real-time updating
• Controllers and directives

14. Angular seed
For a standard Angular JS application, the Angular seed serves as a skeletal structure or prototype that can bootstrap an Angular app project using the best IDE for AngularJS development. It also helps in offering the dev environment to run the applications smoothly.

Features of Angular seed
• Support multiple AngularJS applications 
• Full docker support
• Pre-configured support

15. Generator Angular
Generator Angular is one of the best Angular developer tools available, allowing you to quickly commence an app development project by developing an editable wireframe with simple defaults.

It is an Angular Development tool that facilitates the setup of projects and provides all of the boilerplate required to start the application project.

Features of Generator Angular
• Customize structure and paths
• Simple to keep tracking settings
• Quick set up of a project

16. Angular Deckgrid
Angular Deckgrid is one of the Angular dev tools that are lightweight grids and is used for code/instructions where the directive being referenced is independent of its visual representation. It's excellent for codes or instructions that don't require visual representations.

Features of Angular Deckgrid
• Lightweight framework
• CSS files for visuals

17. Videogular
It is an HTML5 video player that can manage all of your AngularJS video needs. You can use Videogular to integrate video support and combine videos as well as other multimedia elements seamlessly into the Angular JS app with a customizable frontend.

Features of Videogular
• Supports IDEs
• Customized Plugins
• Live media streaming

18. Mean
Mean is considered a 'boilerplate application' and is great for using multiple devices and platforms. It is one of the Angular developer tools to create dynamic and powerful apps utilizing Node.js, AngularJS, Mongo DB, and Express. Mean can leverage the custom-configured modules, including Passport and Mongoose, to speed up the development time.

Features of Mean
• Open-source
• Build dynamic apps and websites
• Pre-bundled modules

Companies use Mean
• Fiverr
• Sisense
• Vungle
• Accenture

19. Aptana Studio
Aptana Studio is the best IDE for AngularJS development tool, making it possible to build websites and web apps quickly. It has powerful Git features to offer better source code management. The benefit of using the tool is that it supports HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby, and JavaScript. 

It includes an integral debugger with easy debugging capabilities and features with command customization capabilities, and a programming environment.

Features of Aptana Studio
• Debugger
• IDE customization
• Deployment Wizard

20. Angular-gettext 
Are you a novice developer and looking for a tool to ease the code translations in AngularJS? Angular-gettext is your go-to option offering excellent AngularJS developers tools. Developers use Angular-gettext to dynamically transform annotated code blocks written in natural language into a browser or a framework with understandable instructions.

Features of Angular-gettext
• Seamless transactions
• Effortless integration
• Rich Ecosystem

Wrapping up- Best AngularJS tools to develop dynamic apps

The above are the top Angular.JS development tools capable of simplifying web app development and helping in building remarkable apps.

If you want to develop your app faster with seamless features and functionalities, your business must hire an AngularJS developer proficient in web development.
At Zenesys, we have a large pool of talented and experienced AngularJS developers who helps you in building a dynamic app to streamline your project objectives.

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