Top 12 Python Developer Skills You Must Need to Know

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Python is an exercise in which programmers needed the most. Python is one of the most preferred programming languages for an uncountable of tasks in the industry over the last few years. Python has come up with a solid entry point for all developers to make the best use of its versatile nature and the many benefits offers.


To be a python developer, you need to a lot more than only to learn Python. It has become the most sought-after and widely used programming languages in the industry. In this blog, we will talk about the structured approach of the top required 12 skills to become a Python Developer and its career insights.


Top 12 Python Developers skills


1) Expertise in Core Python- A Python developer should be equipped with excellent knowledge of Core Python. To become one you should know the concepts of core python and its aspects are:

· Data Structures

· Exception Handling

· File handling concepts

· Generators

· Iterators

· OOPs concepts

· Variables and data types

2) Python Frameworks - A Python developer has to gain python framework knowledge. The most common frameworks that are using during Python programming are Django, Flask, and CherryPy. 

· Django is an open-source high-level Python Web Framework that encourages a good, clean and pragmatic design. 

· Flask is considered easier to learn for Python coders than Django and widely used Python micro web framework. 

· CherryPy is one of the oldest Python microframeworks. It has a minimalistic approach and it allows Python developers to deploy any type of technology for templating, data access, etc.



3) Python Libraries- Using Python libraries can ease a developer's life. Python libraries are another good dev that is going to help you in everyday work. The Python sphere includes many libraries such as Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib, and many more. APTRON Provides the best Python Course in Delhi.


4) Object Relational Mappers (ORM)- Object Rational Mappers is a programming language that is used for the conversion of data between two systems that are incompatible, and that technique. ORM creates a virtual object database that can be used within any programming language. It allows a developer to write Python code instead of SQL to read, create, update, and delete schemas and data in their database.


5) Skills of Data Science- A Python developer can expand his/her knowledge in the field of data science. Python is faster than other programming languages like Stata and Matlab. Data science has a wide variety of libraries available to developers. You need to acquire a good grasp of the popular aspect of Data Science such as: 

· Use of Python libraries for Data Science

· Data Wrangling and cleaning up of Data

· Good SQL knowledge

· Data Visualization

· Analysis of Data

· Data Wrangling and cleaning up of Data

· Knowledge of Statistics and Mathematics 


6) Machine Learning and AI- Data Science developers should know about Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence. One should have a good understanding of Neural Networks, Produce insight from data, visualization of data, Data analysis, and collection of data from various sources. Python is a perfect programming language for Machine Learning and AI. 


7) Deep Learning- Deep learning is one of the fastest-growing fields which comes under Data Science. Covering later all the aspects of AI, ML, and basics of Data Science, you are expected to have a good understanding of Deep Learning and Neural Network Architecture. The other aspect includes-

· Audio Processing

· Video Processing

· Natural Language Processing (NLP)


8) Knowledge of Multi-Process Architecture- As a Python Developer, you should know for sure about the MVC (Model View Controller) and MVT (Model View Template) Architecture. If you crave to be a better version of then you should acquire the basics of multi-process architecture. It is vital to have the ability to solve the problem in the core framework.


9) Analytical Skills- As a Python developer, your analytical skills should end in additional knowledge, ideas, or solutions related to the technical problems you work on. Excellent analytical skills play well in the field of Data Science to be a good python developer in the future. You will surpass as a Python developer if you can quickly interpret a problem.


10) Design Skills- Having strong designing skills that will be helpful while designing scalable applications. Good design skills are related to the fact that able to design scalable products also, implement servers in such a way that they are highly available. One should also have a tight grip on the frameworks of python like Django or Flask while designing a website as python can work in both client and server-side programming.


11) Basic understanding of front-end technologies- Good knowledge of Front-end technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is also expected from a Python Developer.

A Python developer has to cooperate with the front-end team to match the client-side with the server-side. Thus, you should have ample knowledge about how the front-end works, what is possible and what is not, how the application is going to appear. The experience and knowledge of front-end will be helpful for a Python Developer. 


12) Communication- Ethics communication skills are a must-have for not just a Python developer but everyone in a professional or personal environment. Good communication skills filled the gaps or confusion with clearance while communicating with others and pass his/her message crystal clear. If you can contribute within the team, do peer code review, communicate efficiently then half of your job done there.


Final Words- I hope this blog would be relevant for you. In this blog, we covered top skills that a Python developer must acquire. If you wish to learn Python, you can join Python Training Institute in Delhi. First, visit Aptron, Python Institute for best Python Course in Delhi. Aptron is the best IT training institute in Delhi to learn Python training. All the best and keep learning.

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