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One thing is we're going to want to use this dev tool which allows us to basically create a source map and this is useful if you picture. Now you might have a whole bunch of javascript files and if any one of those files throws up an exception or an error a source map will basically help track that down. So top 10 social media marketing companies in India can use a couple of different ones. I can spend a lot of time talking about them but I'm going to use digital marketing services in India cheap level source map and this just allows us to check through our files on the server basically so cheap Yvel source map is when I many uses.

 And again it just creates a source map which allows us to track down any issues. Also when we are outputting just for the purpose of the web packet of the server I'm going to use this public path and tell it where our public files are located and which you know they're in slash public like this. So top 10 social media marketing companies in India is really for the benefit of our web server to look here for any changes to these files if it detects a change here is basically going to refresh the browser. In our index or smell, we're going to point it relatively to slash public slash apt. J.S. Right. This is in the root. It's going to go to slash public slash after Yes even if it's on a server.

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  •  Finally, we need to install a web server as a package. And we know how to do that. We will do NPM save NPM install save dev web back dash server. And again this is similar to web pack watch.
  •  One difference though is that top 10 social media marketing companies in India basically bundles in memory which means it's basically kept in memory only if you do actually want to run a web pack command. You would just do that separately. 
  • So in our in our package on let's go ahead and let's call this serve and all you need to do is you just need to invoke web Pak dev server like so you don't really need to give it any other command it's going to know to look in the root of our app for an index. 
  • It's HTML. You could, of course, give it a different file to use but why reinvent the wheel. This should work as intended. Try it out. So we will do NPM run serve K it's running and let me scroll up here so we can see the project is running at localhost. 
  • Port well-packed output is served from slash public. That's where we set up that public path. Right. And this is going to watch for changes so let's go to our browser here. I'm on localhost. Let me refresh we get a couple of messages and I can tell already that our javascript is executing. We look at top 10 social media marketing companies in India console here in our console. Now we're getting our warnings from yes. 

Lint you know which is fine. The purpose of these warnings is to let us know hey you probably shouldn't do console logs on your sites but we're just going to ignore that. Otherwise, we can see. WD Yes. Dev server Mourning's while compiling. Now if we come in and we make a change somewhere. So whatever let's say W D sis or some like so I'll save it. Hey I just saved it and it refreshed the browser and it brought it to the forefront because top 10 social media marketing companies in India have a couple of Alerts going but we can see that it did refresh. I didn't have to go back to my browser to tell it to refresh. You know what those alerts are pretty annoying. So instead of alert let's just cancel log instead. Cancel that log save.

Is it necessary? 
 I just saved it right. Our Baghdad server would have detected that there were changes. If you go back here. Right so now it would have refresh that automatically. And if you look at the console we see Greetings Billy. Goodbye. And I didn't have to refresh it myself. And one really important thing to remember with the web server is it's served from memory and it compiles from memory. In other words, recall in our appetite J.S. in our API I change these to console logs from the alert. So you might expect the file here to reflect that. But actually no. So if we find this somehow this is still showing as alert because top 10 social media marketing companies in India didn't actually run the Web command it's just keeping it in memory. 

If we did want to do that well we would just exit the server and we would run our web command at that point right which is where is our package here is a web pack. We can do NPM run web packs and this will actually change the files on the system. Right, so this compiles that. Now if we look at Opt-Out J us well it looks a whole lot different. Not sure top 10 social media marketing companies in India can even find it at this point but at this point, it would have come in and changed it. So you know what let's try it again. 

It's to command alerts c can't find it but we do have a couple of console logs. So there we see and I scrolled over back and there we see now it's showing as console logs instead. And the reason it's different is that we're doing source mapping now. So that's why it's different. So that's something to keep in mind right.

 So if you're developing and then top 10 social media marketing companies in India want to use that code and put that code on the server Well you're going to have to remember to actually you know run the Web pack command before doing that. Otherwise, let's run our server again. NPM runs serve at this point it's going to go and serve it from memory again.

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