Top 10 Sleep Tracking Apps for Android

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Research has shown that sleep is equally important for the body as exercise and while many apps have emerged to track fitness, some apps can track your sleep to give you insights. Whether you are troubled with lack of sleep or have a snoring problem, sleep-tracking apps have become one of the most popular apps as smartwatches and smart bands have been launched into the market. While Apple’s ecosystem of devices is capable of delivering stellar analysis reports, Android apps and devices have been catching up with upgrades in hardware and software.

Sleep tracking is a new way to keep your body in check. Many are unaware of the fact that there are various stages of sleep and each one is significantly important to provide your mind and body with some rest. For you to get some peaceful sleep and improve on your issues, we have compiled a list of Android apps that can help you track your sleep. The list is as follows.

  • Alarm Clock Xtreme

Basically an alarm app, Alarm Clock Xtreme also has sleep tracking features that can help you with analyzing your sleep as well as helping you wake up. The app keeps a log of the time when you go to sleep and when you wake up. The app features a wide option of alarms that prove useful when the traditional alarms don’t work for the user.

  • Do I Snore or Grind

This app is mainly focused on people who have snoring issues. The app lets you record your sleep and keep track of every time you snore or grind your teeth. The best part about the app is its ability to run in airplane mode. This lets you extend your sleep-tracking even when the internet is not necessarily available. The free version lets your record up to 5 nights but its pro version removes this limit.

  • Google Fit

Google’s take on sleep tracking is one of the best solutions on the market. With the ability to connect with a host of devices that support Android Wear along with the ability to automatically synchronize with fitness apps like Runkeeper and MyFitnessPal, makes this app a comprehensive answer to your sleep-tracking needs. The app is quite basic and provides you with all the necessary features that let you enter all your numbers related to your daily activities.

  • PrimeNap

PrimeNap is one of the newer apps in this list and has been rebranded to include new features. It provides you with carefully mapped charts and a sleep debt analysis that shows you the amount of sleep that needs to be compensated for. The app runs without needing any permissions from the user. This makes it much more secure than other apps. The app also has a dream journal where the user can write down their dreams before they forget about it.

  • Runtastic Sleep Better

This app is an extension of the original app Runtastic which tracks your fitness goals. The app comes with all the basic features that will help you get a better idea of your sleep schedule. The app also allows you to track your caffeine and alcohol intake, which have been proven to impact your sleep. The free version can do the job for most users but its pro version can be purchased at $1.99.

  • Sleep as Android

Sleep as Android is the oldest sleep-tracking app that has a dedicated group of developers that have made the app one of the most mature apps for sleep-tracking. The app allows you to connect with all kinds of wearables including Samsung’s Galaxy Gear devices, Pebble, and Android Wear devices. One of the most original features that many apps have taken inspiration from is the alarm that makes you solve a captcha to turn off the alarm. This way it forces you to wake up rather than snoozing your alarm. The app also plays binaural sounds that have been proven to help with sleep.

  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock

Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock is one of the most expensive apps on the list if you opt for its subscription plan. Its free version does the job fairly decently and while it presents your sleep analysis to you, the subscription plan grants you the ability to connect your smart devices in the house.

  • Sleep Time

This app allows you to set up an alarm schedule and instead of waking you up at a set time, it kicks off the alarm when it thinks you are ready to wake up. The app comes with a sleep analysis tool and a wake-up algorithm that gives you insights into your sleep. The app comes with an option of a subscription plan which provides you advanced features.

  • SnoreLab

This is one of the simplest apps on the list. While the app does not provide a host of extensive features, it records you every time you snore. The app runs in the background and records the time when it hears snoring. The app mails your audio files and keeps a log of the snoring times during your sleep. This app is perfect for people who don’t require advanced features and want to directly address their snoring problem.

  •  Fitness band apps

Many of the smartwatches and bands have their dedicated apps that are specifically designed for taking advantage of all the hardware present on them. Many of such apps have already included sleep tracking features, Samsung being the latest one. Fitbit is also one of the most popular fitness tracking apps for Fitbit smart bands. While many of these apps may not provide additional features, most of them are perfect for basic sleep-tracking.

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