Top 10 Skills You Need For A High-Paying Machine Learning Career

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

If there is a way to silently revolutionize the industry, then we have to talk about Machine Learning. A concept that is changing the way things are working is also paving the way for a new career trajectory. Machine Learning experts are in great demand, and it is only going to increase with time.  Let us give you some examples, Siri, Alexa, Voice Assistance, Automated Cars, and many others all have Machine Learning at the core. Because of the growing dependence on Machine Learning, we have seen companies going ahead with Machine Learning training.

Here is a quick snap at some of the eye-catching data:

  • According to Gartner's report, AI has shown 2.3 million jobs in Machine Learning would be available by the end of 2020.

  • Indeed, another report shows that Machine Learning Engineering, Software Engineering, topped the list for the most sought-after skills. 

  • Companies like Apple, Google, and Amazon have invested millions of dollars in research on Machine Learning and developing its future projects. 

All this piece of information indicates that Machine Learning is going to be the hottest selling skills. But to excel as a machine learning expert, you must consider upskilling yourself so that you can become proficient in using ML concepts. If you join any Machine Learning training or certification course, you will learn about skills that will help improve your proficiency as a Machine Learning expert.

Ten skills that you need for a high-paying Machine learning job-

  • Applied mathematics- Mathematics plays a key role in Machine Learning, and if you wish to excel as a machine learning expert, then you must know about the mathematical skills. Some of the key concepts that you need to master are linear algebra, probability, statistics, multivariate calculus, algorithm, and optimization.

  • Neural Network Architecture- the second concept that one needs to excel to become a Machine Learning expert is a neural network. These are a predefined set of algorithms to implement a machine learning task. Overall, it helps the machines to perform like the human brain.

  • Data Modelling and evaluation- The next skill in our list is that of data modeling and evaluation. It helps in handling large volumes of data and assessing how the final system will work.

  • Natural Language Processing- Machine Learning works on Natural Language Processing; it ensures that the machine works just like a human brain and interprets the same. Some of the techniques that you need to master while learning ML are Word2vec, Sentiment Analysis, Summarization, Gensim, and NLTK.

  • Reinforcement Learning- It plays a key role in comprehending the conspectus of AI and deep learning, which are an integral part of Machine Learning. If you are going for machine learning for a beginner's program, you must know about reinforcement learning. 

  • Distributed Computing- As an ML engineer, you would be required to work on a large volume of data, hence having complete knowledge about distributed computing is a must. 

  • Unix- ML engineers working on cluster data and servers are on Linux. Though a few ML engineers work on Windows and Mac, it becomes imperative that one must know about Unix and Linux systems. 

  • C, C++, and Java- As a magician learning expert, you must know programming languages. To understand the complexity of data and prepare an algorithm for machine learning, one needs to know C, C++, and Java. 

  • Spark and Hadoop- The next skill that will help you fetch a high-paying machine learning job is Spark and Hadoop. It is a framework for large scale implementation of Machine Learning. 

  • Rapid Prototyping- Choosing the right method of learning is imperative. Hence, a Machine Learning engineer needs to have good prototyping skills. 

These skill sets will put you in the league of the most skilled machine learning expert. Not only it helps you become a proficient ML engineer, but at the same time, you will get better pay. Upskilling oneself is the need of the hour. The more you start learning about such concepts, the better the prospects of growth in your career profile.

A bonus tip that we would like to highlight here is that you need to work on your communication skills. It will help in the right presentation of information, and you would be able to make even a naïve client understand complex machine learning concepts.

Concluding thoughts- 

Machine Learning is silently impacting all past of our life, and this is also leading to an increased demand for machine learning experts. If you are also willing to become an expert in this field, Global Tech Council is offering a machine learning certification program. As a part of this program, you will learn about all the concepts of machine learning, along with its application. 

For more such updates and information on the machine learning training program, connect with the Global Tech Council today.

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