Top 10 .NET Trends that Will dominate in 2020

by Amit Tiwari SEM/Digital Marketing Expert

There is one technology that has revolutionized Windows Server and desktop development. That technology is dot net development along with the C# programming language. Many technological developments are changing the future of dot net. Development trends also show that .NET will increase its market share in the web development space. Here are some significant things that will happen in 2020.

1. The Cloud Will Help Grow .NET

In 2020, one major trend for the current and future of dot net will be cloud adoption. Microsoft Azure is quickly becoming a major challenger to Amazon AWS. This change will make .NET a more attractive option for developers who want a robust environment for their next web application. It also means the number of available .NET developers will rise as the technology matures and becomes a major part of the Internet. DotNet Application Development will come down in price as the talent pool grows.

2. New .NET Version

One of the most exciting trends that will change the way you develop applications using the .NET Framework is the introduction of version 5. It will have a profound impact on net development trends and the way you write web applications. ASP net trends will also change based on the JavaScript frameworks being used to develop the front end of web applications. One of the most significant changes in version 5 will be the replacement of with Core.

3. We'll See .NET Core Become More Popular

An important innovation in the .NET Framework has been the introduction of .NET Core. This streamlined version of the framework has been instrumental in popularizing it on Linux. This single change has made .NET more accessible to millions of other developers who couldn't afford a Windows Server. These developers can now use this streamlined version that will become even more popular in 2020. This news will cause net development trends to move in a positive direction. It also has exceptional benefits for people who want to deploy .NET in the cloud.

4. Machine Learning Features

Machine learning is the killer app that C# and .NET were missing. However, times have changed, and now it has ML.NET 1.4. This update coming in 2020 will improve developer access to Deep Neural Nets. Things like image classification will now be accelerated on the GPU using Cuda technology. There are also built-in models for everyday business tasks like sentiment analysis, sales forecasting, and even customer segmentation.

5. Security Improvements

Security is an often overlooked part of a development environment, but this will change with the improvements that .NET is making in 2020. It will become a much more secure platform with better form validation and code checks. Encryption will also improve, so you can worry less about your data being intercepted through side-channel and man in the middle attacks.

6. Visual Studio Code Will Improve

Visual Studio Code has become the standard text editor for writing C# and .NET applications. 2020 will see this tool get major upgrades to make it even more attractive for dot net developers.

7. Umbraco CMS

Umbraco CMS is a popular open-source content management system that competes with WordPress. It is going to have a major update to version 8 this year. This update will make it an even more attractive option for people looking for a Windows alternative to WordPress. With recent ASP NET trends, this CMS will become a better competitor to WordPress. It will go through a revolution in terms of enterprise features that will make it a better choice for serious Internet businesses.

8. Usage in Game Development Will Continue

The .NET Framework is quite popular in the gaming industry. The improvements coming in .NET Core will make it even easier to create Unity games in C#. New advancements in the language and performance of the framework will allow the scripting engine in Unity to be overhauled.

9. Web Apps Using the Blazor Framework

Blazor Framework is one of the most popular open-source frameworks for building web applications. This framework will get even better in 2020, and this will propel web development with the .NET Framework. New features are coming, such as more access to Web Assembly. Code reuse will also be improved with the addition of share libraries and other powerful web development tools. The best part about all of this is it does not require any plug-ins or add-ons to work.

10. The Rise of Open Source

The final trend that will dominate dot net development is the continued adoption of open source. Microsoft has traditionally been a very closed company. However, they are slowly embracing open source technologies, which is making frameworks like .NET Core more popular. This trend will only accelerate in 2020 as more Microsoft products are open-sourced, and wide industry adoption leads to these products being further improved.

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