Top 10 data recovery tips to save you from any data loss

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Top 10 data recovery tips to save you from any data loss

You may sometimes fantasize how a world comprising 7.5 billion people with personal and professional lives would be keeping their data stored at a time? The fast development of the world has brought so much technological advancement that life is becoming easy and convenient day by day. 

Now if the case looked closer to storing data, over  800 billion gigabytes of digital data are stored all around the world. Amazing fact! Isn’t it? Plenty of data storage devices such as hard drives, flash drives, memory cards, SSDs, DVDs, etc have been proved effective to successfully store digital data hassle-free.  

You might be wondering how easily the technology has taken a great turn but this discussion isn't over yet! With great blessings come great challenges. The data storage devices do their work perfectly unless it hasn't shown any downside. The drawback of data devices like hard drive malfunction, memory card corruption, broken devices, and many causes that contribute to data loss.

Your data may include your photos, videos, audios, files with important or confidential information of a company, and many such data that affects your personal and professional life as well. When such data loss incidents happen it doesn't only impact our lives but also disturbs the peace of mind regarding data protection.

To safeguard yourself from such menacing situations, you must go through the lifesaving tips so when data loss occurs, you could practically apply them by gaining some knowledge on data recovery.

Here are the top 10 tips for data recovery

1. Plan every possibility for your data loss

You never know what threat is coming on your way! To jump off the mishappenings you must shortlist every single possibility during your data loss. Plan out every possible solution that could be applied to the condition to resolve it at that moment without panicking.

2. Keep backup with you:

You must have backup data stored in an external device such as flash drives. a flash drive comes in handy to keep your important data when it is missing in original locations on your computer.

3. Search for data recovery tools

Missing out on the original data files? keep yourself calm and try to reach your lost data by searching it with data recovery tools. However, not every time these tools stand to be good so better to reach your nearest data recovery professional that is expertise in this matter. 

4. Cloud storage: the life savior

One of the amazing options to keep your digital data protected, cloud storage stands out of the crowd by storing data online with or without subscription options. it has well passed the data security that paramount the fact of securing data from hackers or breachers. 

5. Dead drives may come back to life

This seems miraculous to happen that when you try to mount your failed/ dead hard drives to a system with a firewire or USB cables it works sometimes. when you find your lost data try to clone it or save it on some other device.

6. Data recovery software

Data recovery software is available online for free like Recuva or paid programs like SpinRite that you can download. They sometimes stand useful in logical data recovery.

7. If the backup fails try to store data in a remote device

There's no doubt that if your original data device failed and diligently you tried to manage backup in some external device, still it is exposed to damages or corruptions. In this case, try to use a software tool that could assist you to recover data from the external crashed device.

8.Deleted files could be found

Files that you have deleted unknowingly can stay in your system until it's not shredded professionally with data deleting tools. Even when you clear files from the recycle bin folder it remains in the system that can get recovered with specialized programs.

9.stop using your device

You must keep your device away from your hands to utilize it. when data loss happens in devices there are chances to recover it back in one or other way. If you still tend to utilize your device during data loss, you are reducing the recovering rate of your data to an unbearable case. you must limit your use of the device to save it from irreversible loss of data and wait till you give it to a professional data recovery service provider.

10.Invest in data recovery professionals

You find every makeshift to recover your data and think of saving some bucks on it but most probably if you have no knowledge in recovering lost data you end up worsening the situation. all your important files and data you stored for years could be lost in a few seconds. you should rush to a professional data recovery when you are drenched in such circumstances.

Conclusion :

There are plenty of causes contributing to data loss logically or physically. In the era of digital data, losing data could be miserable to suffer. Before you realize you lost your data, which is a crucial part of your life, keep a plan with you to allot every strategy in the call. When you have a plotted plan for every possible disaster of data loss you save energy, money, and time. 

Techchef can be your helping hand:

We understand the pain of data loss at a sudden moment. it hurts more when you have no professional way to recover your precious data on your own, that's why Techchef provides the best solution for professional data recovery service. at tech chef, advanced tools and techniques are used in a safe environment like clean rooms to securely recover your crucial data. Our data recovery experts guarantee you to retrieve your important data safe and protect it from any disruption.

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