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Blockchain is the technology of the future; it is finding widespread usage across the different segments of the business. Over the years, there has been a steep increase in the demand for Blockchain professionals. Considering the latest review by Glassdoor, the demand for Blockchain-related skills has increased by 300%. New York had the maximum number of openings last year. It's not just about the full-time jobs for Blockchain-related skills that are on the high-rise, even freelancers are in high demand. As per Upwork, one of the renowned platform, even the Blockchain freelancers are in high demand; in fact, the demand for Blockchain assets grew by 3500 % in 2019 as compared to 2018. All this indicates that there is a greater demand for Blockchain professionals, and it is growing every year. The sky-rocketing salary which Blockchain professionals draw is also a contributing factor that has made Blockchain certifications in greater demand. Expanding this point further, we bring you a list of some of the most sought-after Blockchain certifications that you can pursue online.


Top 10 Blockchain Online Course That You Can Enroll For:

 1.    Certified Blockchain Expert™- To become a Blockchain professional, you must have expertise in this domain. With this certification program, you will gain expertise in the field of Blockchain and will also develop a knowledge base regarding Blockchain technology and its use cases. The primary objective of this Blockchain certification course is to impart complete knowledge about this technology.

 2.    Certified Corda Expert™ (CRCE)- Corda is an enterprise solution offered by R3. This is a permissioned Blockchain platform that assists faster transactions between enterprises. Since it is a confined ecosystem, thus assuring that you get complete safety and security. Blockchain certification in Corda will help you develop a knowledge base in Corda, comprehend the concepts, and also develop applications, thus making you industry-ready.

 3.    Certified Corda Architect™ (CCA)- Merely developing conceptual knowledge about Corda is not sufficient. You would also need to put things in place. The Corda architect certification will help you in develop practical learning about how to put things in places and design a safe Corda framework.

 4.    Certified Blockchain Developer™- Blockchain developers have to do a lot of work on the field. The online certification will give you comprehensive information about how to build the structural framework of Blockchain so that the applications can run seamlessly. For this, it is essential to understand the concept of Blockchain and its implementation. With online Blockchain training, you will develop an understanding of both practical and theoretical aspects.

 5.    Certified Smart Contract Developer™- Smart contracts are one of the most revolutionary gifts of Blockchain. These pre-programmed Blockchain contracts operate digitally, and once the conditions of the contract are met, the payment gets executed. It nullifies the need to have a third party and also saves a lot of time. To enroll in this program, one must have basic knowledge about Blockchain and programming languages like C, C++, Python. Solidity is also an important skill that one must develop to become a smart contract expert.

 6.  Certified Bitcoin Expert™- Bitcoin is the pioneering cryptocurrency. It gave rise to Blockchain. As a part of this certification program, you will get to learn about Bitcoin, mining of the currency, proof-of-work mechanism.

 7. Certified Cryptocurrency Trader™- If you want to make the best of cryptocurrencies and want to trade in it, then this certification program is the right choice for you. With this certification program, you will learn about cryptocurrencies, what defines the pricing of cryptocurrencies, how to invest in cryptocurrencies, tools and platforms, trading strategies, analysis charts, and predicting the market.

 8.Certified Hyperledger Expert™- Hyperledger is one of the revolutionary Blockchain platforms; it provides private and permissioned Blockchain platform for transactions. This certification program has been specially designed for individuals who wish to know about Hyeprledger and its use cases. It will enable you to understand what is Hyperledger and how to develop applications on the same.

 9.Certified Blockchain Architect™- Blockchain architects have expertise in developing the Blockchain framework. After the successful completion of this program, you will be able to build your own Blockchain enterprise.

 10.    Certified Blockchain & Supply Chain Professional™- If we talk about one of the widespread use cases of Blockchain, then you cannot undermine the importance of Blockchain. It is one of the most used areas of Blockchain. With this certification program, you will be able to put your knowledge to use and build applications and systems that will enhance the efficiency of the supply chain system.

 These are few of the many Blockchain certification programs that you can opt for; Blockchain Council is a renewed platform offering Blockchain training online that eventually helps in picking up complete information on Blockchain and use cases. You can opt for any of these programs and give your career a good start.



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