Top 08 Different Monitoring & Auditing Tools in Salesforce

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If you are struggling hard to make your Salesforce org operational and healthy, the auditing tools in Salesforce including monitoring tools help in achieving such challenges. With the help of these tools, the developer's team and administrator can easily supervise the configuration and avoid the errors that occur frequently.

They can easily prepare the report and prohibited the entry of unusual user activity by sending notifications. These auditing tools in Salesforce help in managing the security and efficiency of the implementation task and as a developer, you should be well aware of the semantics and usage of such tools to get the best out of them.

Monitoring & Auditing Tools in Salesforce

1. Application logging framework

This tool helps in promoting good error handling features and also supports a Framework so that we can handle the common coding programs including the application of Salesforce cloud services. Facebook uses the tool called application logging framework that helps in setting the definition of different types of messages for storage and also we can extend the capacity for the storage of those messages.

2. Tooling API

This tool helps us in building custom development tools or sometimes some of the applications responsible for developing lighting platforms. These tools are also working in accordance with the exposition of meta data which is being used while dealing with developing purposes and it can be easily accessed with the help of REST or SOAP.

3. Rest API limits

This auditing tools in Salesforce will help in listing the various database set including the information regarding the limits as existing in your org. It also helps to sort the maximum limit in total by selecting "Max" and if you want to calculate the total number of calls, the "Remaining" API results in the total number of events that are left for the org.

4. Setup audit trail

This tool helps in checking any kind of metadata transformation that may be performed by any developer or the client existing in your org.

5. Health check

This tool helps in meeting all the demands associated with security in Salesforce standards. We can also assess the gaps which are identified within your settings and finally, it leads to the improvement of your security inside the org.

6. Salesforce optimizer

This is one of the smart Salesforce tools that help in the analysis of the execution methods that ultimately lead to the determination of steps which are helpful in simplifying the customizations. There are also helpful in driving the adoption of features and provides us with the best framework by producing an extensive report.

7. System overview

This tool helps in providing the summary regarding the usage of the key features or data existing in the org and is considered one of the dashboards where a system can be added for over viewing of the messages deciding inside the home page.

8. Apex exception emails

This tool helps in setting the email addresses so that the notifications can be sent or received whenever Apex Code is encountered to unhandled the exceptions. The email addresses can we send externally to the org of your Salesforce users.

Parting tips

Hope you have got enough idea of different kinds of tools that helps in monitoring and auditing the org in salesforce. You can take the advantage of these tools for doing salesforce health check to maintain security across the orgs.

Try to assess the possibilities as many as you can which is the result of out-of-the-box Salesforce features including salesforce health check or associated with the paint solutions in case your budget allows you to do so.

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