Tire Gel for Motorcycle – The Advantages and the Disadvantages

by Pooja Late so cut

Motorcycle tires are of two kinds – tubeless and tube tires. In recent times, the tubeless tires are getting popular because of their extra facilities and vast usage when compared with tube tires. One benefit of using the tubeless tires is the fact that they don’t get punctured easily and even if it get punctured it can be solved easily. Interestingly, you don’t have to remove the tire from the rim or even from the vehicle leakage can be fixed. To fix such leakage, you can use sealant (gel).

Tubeless tires have the advantage of being filled with liquid sealants in the inside of the tire. The liquid sealants can be used to seal any leakage if any sharp object affects the tire. Using sealants when leakage occurs can save your time while allowing you to ride without changing the tire.

These sealants product comes in a pressurized can and very easy to use. In as much as there are various benefits of using sealants, there are negative consequences that come with using such product. To help you, let us look at how to use sealants, its advantages, and disadvantages.

How to use Tire Puncture Sealant

Tire sealants are manufactured to assist motorcycle riders in an emergency. Tire puncture sealant is easy to apply and works at a high speed. You must attach the nozzle of the sealant can to the tire valve, press and release the contents of the can into the tire. Although it is safer easier and faster to change a punctured tire, it is important to first guarantee your safety when using sealants.

Advantages of Tire Puncture Sealant

·         They are suitable, fast, and affordable solution for everyone. The sealants work effectively

·         It allows riders to drive away without taking the tire off from the wheel. The whole process takes at most two minutes to fill the puncture gap.

·         Great for people who don’t have the time to change their tire. It also cost less when compared to patching the tire

·         Once you insert the sealant and move your vehicle, the tire heats the gel and it spread through the tire and works immediately. It blocks all leakage automatically without finding the exact spot.

Disadvantages of Tire Puncture Sealant

·         They contain harmful chemicals and can be time-consuming when removing from the inside of the tire.

·         It is not a permanent solution for repairing your tire. For the long-term purpose, consider replacement or patching.

·         It can ruin the tire especially if the tire and the sealant don’t move properly and warm up quickly.

It is important to check your tire pressure after using tire sealants. Additionally, ensure the pressure level is at a normal level. The sealant isn’t a permanent solution because it has a limited repair lifespan. It is a solution for an emergency, which afterward you must look for a perfect solution. Finally, select a sealant that is suitable for your bike for it to run properly and efficiently.

Author’s bio

Norman Ken in this article expounds on using Sealants on your motorcycle. He further highlighted the advantage and disadvantages of using sealants on your bike.

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