Tips to Protect your Skin from the Sun Tan and Pigmentation

by Ankit Singh Author, Content writer

Today I am about to give some how one can take very good care of your skin during summers. Now, the common problem that people come up with me with during summers is sun tan and pigmentation and my precaution for the same would be prevention than cure.

How,you want to prevent your skin from the dangerous radiation of from the sun which not only leads to sun tan and pigmentation but also contributes to photo damage of your skin which leads to early signs of aging. So the main component which have to be applied to prevent your skin from this skin contaminate is the utilization a broad spectrum sunscreen .

So, a sunscreen lotion must be minimum SPF 30 , UVA++ , must be being used 15-20 minutes before walking out in the sun , must be reapplied almost every 3 hours if you are in the sunshine continuously and really should be applied in reasonable quantities .

Now, many of us even though they apply sunscreen, as they do not apply in adequate proportion, is not very powerful. So a minimum of 3 fingertips products need to be applied on the facial area and the neck . Now, along with application of the sunscreen lotion , application of a vitamin C serum is also beneficial.

This is because, due to the exposure to UV radiations and due to the environmental pollutants there is generation of free-radicals or reactive oxygen breed which not only harms your skin cells but it is also Harms your melanin producing cells or melanocides.

So, this can be blocked by eating antioxidants as the citrus fresh fruits, oral supplements and Vitamin C serum . Hence, I would suggest applying a Vitamin C serum and a sunscreen lotion is a must on a daily basis of your life specifically in summers .

Now , at night time, the very important step before going to sleep is clean-up your facial.Some people hamper the importance of cleansing their face before going to sleep. This step not only clears out the high sebum and extreme production of sweat that is mainly provided during summers but it also reduces the environmental pollutants .

After cleansing your face ,you need to apply a topical agent consisting of alphahydroxy acid , containing glycolic acid , lactic acid or melanic acid at least twice a week . This step not only increases the top layer of your skin by declining the amount of sebum and removal the dead skin cells but it also acts on a deeper level of your skin layer producing better collagen, and meuko polysaccharides which also increases the thickness and quality of your skin .

On the a few other days of the week you should also put on a moisturizing skin cream or a hydrating gel . The notable properties of the best moisturizing cream are that it composed of humectants which attracts water to the skin, maintains or traps liquids to your skin and emollients which smoothen up your skin .

A good property of a moisturizing gel have to be that it should leave you face smooth and supple and not very sticky . Now, other than applying these moisturizing skin lotions and hydrating gels , it is very crucial that you take care of the hydration of your entire body by taking minimum amount 2-3 liters of water seven days a week.

So, just to sum up it, during summers, during day time, you must apply Vitamin C serum and a sunblock and during the nighttime, you must apply a good moisturizing gels along with glycolic acid that contain topical agents along with a healthy diet and cleanup your facial. If you do all of these steps for a minimum 3-6 months, you will see a young-looking and radiant looking skin.

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