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Tips To Make Your Internet Connection Faster without Paying More

by Dial For Internet ISP Provider
As an Internet service provider, we understand that consumers have high expectations about their online experience. Most importantly, you need a fast internet connection when you need it. If you feel your downloads are crawling, the stream seems to slow down, or you want to increase your speed. Here's how you can speed up the connection.

Ideally, you can get up to speed by contacting us and upgrading to an expensive plan. However, depending on your usage, you may not want to upgrade your speed yet. In this article I will provide you some tips to speed up your connection.

Make Your Internet Connection Faster
Make Your Internet Connection Faster 

Check your local network

Many problems with slow connections start with local networks, most notably Wi-Fi. In that case, we first recommend to cycle the device by turning off your router and modem. Wait for ten seconds and then restart them. It often speeds things up.

If you use Wi-Fi instead of wired Ethernet, you should use a 5 GHz band where possible, compared to a 2.4 GHz band, with less than 5 GHz interference.

In terms of security, you should enable security on your network with WPA2 (AES) whenever possible. When it is enabled, a password is required to connect all devices.

If your computer or TV has a wired Ethernet connection, we recommend using a physical LAN cable. It provides the best local network performance. Alternatively, you can try to move your router to a better location, closer to where your wireless devices are most used.

Finally, if your router is old, buy a new one. Because of its permanent use, the lifetime of this network device is approximately two to five years. New routers support faster Wi-Fi standards such as 802.11ac.

Even the old modem could be your speed problem. If you do not achieve the speed you pay for and you purchased your modem a long time ago, it may be time to upgrade.

Test your speed

With your local network running fine, it's time to test your Internet speed. You can do this using a service like or If possible, run the test from a laptop using a wired Ethernet connection or move the device closer to the router for testing.

When you are not actively using your connection, run the speed test. If you are streaming or downloading at the same time, you will get fewer results.

You can run the test a few times to get the most reliable results. Now, compare the speed you are getting. The result should be close to the announcement of your internet package, at least during off-peak.

Check for running software

Software can cause problems with Internet speeds. Using your connection when running in the background can be something huge. Windows users can launch Task Manager (Ctrl + Alt + Del) to see a list of running processes. See what processes use your network connection based on the "Network" column. Kill what you don't need.

On Mac you can enable the Activity Monitor, navigate to the "Network" tab, and then sort by "stump bytes" for upstream and "rcvd bytes" for downstream. For both Windows and Mac systems, it is important to identify the processes so that you understand why the software is using your connection.
Malware and viruses can be sources of unwanted network activity, especially on Windows machines. You sholuld run a virus scan on your windows regularly to protect yourself from virus.

If your computer is usually slow, browsing is likely to slow down. This helps to limit the number of tabs you open at once. You should always keep 10-20 GB of buffer free space on your hard drive.

Call the Internet service provider for assistance

If all else fails and you are still unhappy with the experience you are getting, please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

We always appreciate customers who try out basic troubleshooting, especially the procedures listed in this article.

When you ask us to tell you that you have tried everything on your end to solve the problem, we can narrow down the problem areas. Sometimes, there are network issues at our ends, such as changing the cable or fixing the network configuration. With your help, we can take action to address them immediately.

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