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Sometimes it seems that the appliances we have at home, no matter how new they are, last less than the old ones, right? Perhaps this is due to the use we make of them, sometimes we are not aware that we do not use the devices correctly and others, due to the famous programmed obsolescence . Whatever the reason, and if we want to extend its useful life, here are some practical tips.



YES, we know, it is not at all fun to read the manual of household appliances , but it is essential to get more out of them and, above all, to extend their durability. The advice and recommendations offered by the manufacturer help to make efficient use of the device, so it is always advisable to read and apply it. Also, there are always warnings and periodic reviews that must be applied. 



And we are not talking about superficial cleaning, but periodic and the entire appliance. To know how to clean them, in the user manual you will find the manufacturer's recommendations. On the other hand, cleaning prolongs the life of the appliance, improves performance and saves energy, which subsequently translates into less expense.



Always pay attention to the alerts indicated by the appliance . Keep in mind that, although it continues to operate with apparent normality, these indicate that there is a failure or some error that is causing the device to not work as normally as it should.



For cases such as the washing machine, it is convenient not only to check the filters and tires, but also to change them regularly. In addition, we must bear in mind that we must use special products to combat lime. Something similar happens with dishwashers, they will always require salt and rinse aid for washing to be efficient and complete.



Avoid overloading appliances as well as using them impulsively. Incorrect use shortens the life of the appliances. Use the recommended programs, never leave the devices on standby or fill them more than their capacity.



In India only 10% of electrical appliances are repaired. A habit that we should change for the welfare of the planet and our pocket. Every time we repair fewer appliances and we choose to buy new ones, however, if we know how to identify the most common faults it will be easier to act and be able to go to a repair specialist .

You consider your options -- replace it or repair it? The answer would be obvious if it were something smaller and less pricey, like a toaster. But with a little research, introspection and basic math you can reach a sound decision.


As with other investments, asking yourself a few questions about your budget, values and personality can help you decide whether to call it a day and go appliance shopping -- or not. Your first step is to find out what's gone wrong with your washer and how much it would cost to fix. Then there's the issue of dealing with the hassle and stress of the matter.


Among the most common failures we find three, ranging from the most serious to the least:


Engine failure

Drain problems


It is sometimes some malfunctions are not interesting to fix, because you are far outnumber to have a new device, however, it is always advisable to consult a technician who evaluates it, because otherwise, the savings of the repair is more than significant.

Follow the tips that we launch from Secure Rental and you will see how the appliances in your rental apartment last longer and in perfect operation and condition.

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