Tips to know while relocating office space

by Ram Sewak Transportation
Moving your office space? Scared of the hindrances that may occur to your organization?

Well, don’t worry because Agarwal packers and movers are there to help you out with your relocation needs in the best possible manner and that too without causing the least hindrances in the working of your business.

Moving to a new office is similar to moving homes; you have got big heavy sets of furniture, different electronic appliances, and other minor stuff. And usually, there is not so much time to get all the tasks done. An office shifting consists of a lot of work, regardless of the size of your organization. If you are trying to figure out the one, follow these tips to make the process go as smooth as possible.

Start early planning- You have to start the planning process as soon as you know that your moving decision final, figure out what you will be doing, when, and how it will be done. Otherwise, you may find yourself puzzled during the last minutes of your move. In addition to planning how you will get ready everything properly on a moving day, you also have to plan the places for the things that you will be utilized to keep your stuff in the new workspace. Use a blueprint of the new place to navigate the things that you can carry along and set them according to the spaces or cabins available. And don’t forget to plan further for your shifting budget—it’s essential to know how much you have to spend on the entire process.

Appoint a move manager- Even if you are dividing up the work to all the employees of your company, it’s is important to have a specific person assigned as a move manager who can look after each step to make sure that things are progressing. Usually, the best person for this is an administrator in charge, which looks after administrative affairs in your office.

Do proper research to find the best moving professional- We always suggest searching and get price quotations from at least 3 companies who have are well experienced in shifting offices from one place to another. You can even ask around for suggestions of moving companies that have experience with office relocations. To get the most reliable quotations possible, have an executive from each company that comes to your office.

Assign each employee the task to pack their own desks- When you may have a moving company come by your side to take care of the heavy articles, it will be still a major help to each of the persons present in the office.

Don’t forget to assign tasks to the IT department- One of the biggest complications in moving to a new office space is disconnecting or reconnecting all of your technological gadgets. After you know the date of your move, indulge your I.T. department and ask them to draft a plan for transferring all of your technical equipment. It includes computers, servers, and phones, along with your data and internet. If there are equipment and tools that you’ll be getting rid of, set up a plan for recycling or selling them.

Know the building rules- If your office is located combine with other offices in the same building then you need to know the rules to bring your good up and down. It may be that you are only allowed to move during non-business hours. Get these rules from the building management as soon as you can.

Update the address at relevant places- It’s better to start updating the documents with your new office address. You can start the process by getting it updated on your business cards, letterheads, envelopes, social media accounts, website, etc. Make sure you get it updated to your clients and shareholders as well.

Be diligent while labeling boxes- Labeling your boxes is essential in all kinds of move, though the movers and packers will be labeling the boxes for sure it is mandatory to get it done from your side too with the boxes that you wish to pack on your own. This will further help you to keep the operations running during and after your relocation. You may think the task tiring but it will save you a lot of time when you are getting settled at your new location and it will be extremely easy for everyone working with you too.

Ensure each of the articles properly fits in- While you may bring the heavy furniture, large equipment, etc, you may check the dimensions of your new workplace. Check whether the new place allows their rearrangement or not. Instead of wasting your time and effort on moving such items to work in your office, get the dimensions of your biggest items and compare them to the measurements of your new location. This specifically applies to items like conference rooms, large tables, and anything else that needs a lot of space.

Try to move the non-essential stuff first- You can make your move easy by transporting the stuff that is not at your workplace frequently. Try to ship the articles first that are least used as it will also not halt your working operations too.

Celebrate your move with employees- office relocation is tiring for you and your employees. Therefore, to say and advertise a good gesture, you can throw a thank-you party. If you are lacking in budget then you can plan a small get together at your current office only or get them a simple lunch arranged for a day. This will make your employees happy and they will be feeling free and tends to work in a stress-free and smooth way.

Moving to a new office is hectic work, but chances are you are doing it for a better opportunity or a good reason. Plan ahead of time and appoint your move manager who can coordinate with the appointed Agarwal packers throughout the process. Knowing that someone is there to handle the tasks, you will automatically gain the confidence to shift your office stuff hassle-free.

Happy Moving!

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