Tips to Help You Select the Right Tampon

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We understand that when you go to shop for a tampon the first time, confusion can occur! So here are a few tips that could help you with the decision-making process. Read ahead!

Sanitary napkins have always been the first thing that women think of when they think of a pal to help them get through their periods. However, while many use a sanitary pad, there are also many women who have started making a switch to different tampon brands.

For a lot of these women, upon switching, they also happen to find it more convenient and comfortable than sanitary pads online stores have!  

Due to this surge in demand, many of the companies that have been manufacturing sanitary napkins have also started manufacturing tampons. The tampons price on these products also happens to be affordable.

The tricky part is when it comes to picking the perfect tampon for yourself. This is essentially due to the variety that is available in the market. So, in order to help you make the right decision, here are a few things that you should keep in mind! Keep reading!

The Size

You will find that tampons can easily be available in 3-4 sizes thanks to the various tampon brands in the market. Varying from light absorption and medium absorption capabilities to absorbing heavier flows, tampons come in a variety of sizes or absorption capacities. So essentially if you are someone who is looking a tampon to absorb lighter flows, then light or regular tampons work brilliantly. For heavier flows super and super plus are the go-to without a second thought.

Basically, the heavier your flow, the bigger your tampon, it is as simple as that! However, seeing as all through the period, the flow can vary from one day to another, mixing up the different tampons could prove to be the best bet for you! In case you deal with a heavy period flow every month for the first 2-3 days of the cycle and then it becomes lighter, then using super or super plus those first three days and light or regular tampon the other days would prove to the most comfortable for you! Another great thing is that keeping this very thing in mind, tampon brands have started manufacturing assorted packs of tampons with all sizes of tampons in it!

The Applicator

Of the many things that make the use of tampons so great, the applicator is a major boost! You see most of the tampons available in the market come with an applicator. The applicator is the one thing that helps with the insertion process of the tampon seamlessly. There are three types of tampons available in the market in this regard; plastic, cardboard and without an applicator. If you are a first-time tampon user, a plastic applicator can prove to be amazingly easy to use!

However, if you are someone who is concerned about her carbon footprint, then the cardboard applicator might be your go to applicator type since they are environmentally friendly in nature. Tampons with cardboard applicators also happen to be more affordable when compared to plastic ones, but they are also something that one needs time to get used to! The tampons without any applicators happen to be the most affordable of the lot, albeit they might seem messier when it comes to the insertion process. So now you can take your pick of the lot easily!

The Brand

There are a ton of tampon brands available in the market nowadays and picking the right tampon brand for yourself could make a ton of difference for you during your periods, in terms of comfort, without a doubt. Once you have zeroed in on the size and applicator type, you would have potentially narrowed the brand pool to a few! It will always be a good idea to select more renowned brands.

However, if you are still unsure, trial and error always work!

We truly hope that these tips will be able to help you make the best decision for you regarding your tampon shopping now onwards!

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