Tips for Offering Move-In / Move-Out Cleaning Services

by Shelly Sharma Digital Marketing

Moving in or out of a house marks a significant transition in life, but it can turn out to be a very stressful time as well. There is so much to take care of, from packing things, transporting, decorating the new home, and many other things in between. Apart from everything else, one of the biggest pains of moving is cleaning the former and the new house. Whether you are moving into or out of a new house, deep cleaning services Dubai companies will be happy to take care of the mess for their clients.

The cleaning experts believe that instead of simply cleaning a house, they offer a well-defined, trustworthy service that pays attention to the little details. If you are hiring professionals, they will clean your new and old house with the approach to make your moving experience as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Bua a major challenge that most move-in cleaning Dubai companies face performing this type of deep cleaning services is time constraint. For example, commercial building owners want the location cleaned entirely and in most situations require a deadline. They want the place ready as soon as possible for their new business, new tenants, or resale purpose.

Looking Out For The Opportunities To Offer Move-In/Move-Out Cleaning Services:

If you are planning to start your move-in/move-out cleaning business, you should contact the commercial contractors or real estate offices to bag your first assignment. If you have been in the sector for a while, and have earned a reputation in the market, your present clients would definitely recommend your move-in/out cleaning services to others.

You should also make your presence feel online and create your company website. Through the website and other social media, you will be able to reach the mass. Moreover, if you have given your best services to your clients, their testimonials on your website or social media site would also help you grow as a move-in/out and mattress cleaning services company.

How To Set The Pricing For The Services:

Business owners who are just setting up their company may find fixing the price for their service quite difficult. Don’t worry! If you are new in this business, do intensive research first. Talk to people who have already hired professionals for their move-in/out cleaning, read related articles or magazines. This would definitely help you to get an idea. According to the AC Duct cleaning Dubai companies, the prices vary depending on the type of facility you are cleaning, cleaning specifications, and deadlines. But be careful before giving an estimated quotation to your clients as many ‘newbies’ to this type of cleaning underestimate the time they would take to complete the job.

Steps To Follow To Be Successful In This Business:

When you are starting your cleaning company, you can follow these steps to guarantee your success and your customer’s satisfaction.

  • Try to use teams of at least 3 to 5 people depending on the size of the cleaning location.
  • Team members should have the proper training to complete the job efficiently by using various up-to-date cleaning tools.
  • If your teams comprise more than 5 people, assign a supervisor. They will responsible for delegating tasks, time management, and quality control.
  • Deep cleaning and mold removal Dubai company executives always mark their equipment with their company name tag to make sure they do not lose their things or waste time in finding their belongings.

These simple tips and techniques shared by media sign cleaning Dubai company experts can be followed for offering effective move-in/out cleaning services to your clients.

  • Start the cleaning by removing all large trash pieces. Then vacuuming will be easier and more efficient.
  • Using a backpack vacuum with the proper attachments can speed up the vacuuming process. 
  • Start vacuuming from top to bottom.
  • Use microfibre flat mops for cleaning ceilings, walls, baseboards, and doors.