Tips For Maintaining Your Lawn

by Jhon Harry Digital Marketing

Looking for the perfect lawn and some tips for maintaining it? Here are three simple steps to a lush green lawn.

If legend has it that your neighbor's grass is always greener, today we decided that the neighbor would be you! No more heat yellowed turf, we roll up our sleeves - alone or with others, to pamper the lawn. No need to have a green thumb in this quest for vitality, a few tools and a little patience will be enough for Mother Nature to operate brilliantly on this future Garden of Eden.

Lawn diagnosed, lawn well maintained!

Before taking action, it is essential to diagnose the condition of the lawn - and the terrain, to offer him the care he requires as a result. Here are the different symptoms that your lawn can suffer from. * A lawn that grows poorly: moss or weeds readily settle in too acidic soils. The result ? Holes here and there in the garden, where the grass is struggling to find its place. * A dry lawn: the grass loses its liveliness when it is scorched by the sun or when it receives too much fertilizer. * Spotted grass: spots on the lawn (often yellow) can be explained by an iron deficiency in your lawn. Mowing too short accentuates this phenomenon since it prevents the iron available in the roots from spreading along the shoots. Senske is proud to serve homeowners, commercial businesses and public properties in lovely Lawn Care Idaho Falls and its surrounding areas.

Care to maintain your lawn

Once the diagnosis is established, we equip ourselves, depending on the type of lawn, with the right products to provide it with the necessary care. For quality growth, we remove moss and weeds before "aerating" the soil. Drainage helps limit the return of these unwanted herbs. All you have to do is remove "earth cores" about 10 centimeters deep over the entire area. The latter will be less dense and oxygen will be able to circulate to help the grass to develop better. To avoid roasted grass, hydration is on the program, but not just any old way! In the morning or in the evening for a homogeneous watering and fine drops so that the humidity remains on the ground a maximum of time without forming large puddles. Finally, we avoid the

We pamper the lawn with love

Just like an orchid or a tomato plant, grass also needs little daily attention to maintain its green color and rich texture. * We mow every two weeks. During the summer you can limit the cuts so that the grass maintains a greater height - 5 to 6 centimeters. The freshness on the ground will then be more easily preserved. * We clean the lawn regularly by removing dead leaves, branches or weeds that are piling up in order to ward off potential diseases. * We set up an insect shelterin its outdoor space to promote good health. Soil nutrition and elimination of small waste guaranteed! Happy gardening! If you maintain your Lawn then visit our websites Idaho Lawn Pros.

A beautiful lawn requires a lot of maintenance. To keep it green and healthy , you need to spend time on it. It is the foundation of your yard, the pride of every home owner.

This guide will help you understand the different treatments of a lawn and how to optimize its maintenance throughout the year, so that the grass is not greener in the neighbor!

How do you go about sowing the grass?

Successful sowing can be a stressful step for many. It requires constant attention, appropriate care and patience. By following a few simple tips, you will have no problem growing a beautiful, healthy lawn!

When to plant grass?

It is preferable to sow the grass at the beginning of fall , since the young plants tolerate frost better than the drought of July in United states.

It is also possible to sow in the spring and have a nice lawn, but the chances of the lack of water affecting the young germinations are higher. Your lawn that is supposed to be green then risks turning yellow and dried out like hay.

For spring sowing, that is to say at the end of April and beginning of May, it is important to make sure to constantly keep the soil moist because the risks that the lack of water affects the young germinations are greater. If you want your lawn to look good then contact our Idaho Lawn Care Company

At the start of fall , the water supply is often higher and more profitable since the young shoots withstand cold temperatures better than the drought of July in United states.

How to plant grass?

  • Empty your sack of sod into a bucket and mix well so that the heavier seeds do not fall to the bottom of the mixture but are evenly distributed.

  • Apply the correct amount of mixture depending on the location. For the edge of the house and places where there will be a lot of traffic, sow more grass to make it stronger.

  • You need to sow between 30 and 50 grams per square meter, but it all depends on the variety of grass. Read the instructions on the bag carefully.

  • Sow broadcast (by hand) , this is the simplest method that will give a good result.

  • Cover the grass seeds with 2 to 3 cm of potting soil , which will protect and nourish them OR lightly rake your ground (no more than 4 mm deep) and roll a roller

  • to sow the seeds well in the soil.

  • Then water regularly so that the soil is always moist and until a

  • green down forms on the soil.

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