Tips for Maintaining a Classic Car

by Jordan McDowell Content Strategist

Tips for Maintaining a Classic Car

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Owning a classic car brings with it many adventures, memories, and joy. From road trips to garage makeovers, any classic car is sure to turn heads each time it hits the road. For your classic car to function smoothly, though, it’s important to maintain it well.

A trip to an auto repair shop could leave anyone feeling anxious about their car’s condition in the hands of a stranger. That being said, there are several things you can do yourself or simply pay someone else to do so your treasured car remains safe and runs smoothly for years. Check out our top tips for classic car maintenance.

Realistic Restoration Goals

When it comes to vintage cars, restoration can be tricky. Not all automobile dealers can restore your classic correctly and fit in spare parts meant for it. A vintage car is like an antique that requires a lot of TLC, and falling into the wrong hands could prove disastrous.

Just like you trust a particular doctor to treat you, it’s important to find the right automobile repair shop to take care of your possession. Something as petty as the wrong shade of color could ruin the entire aesthetic appeal of your classic car and make it look shabby. If you want to restore your classic car, make sure it looks as close to the original so you can ride in style.

Park Safely

Let’s be honest: classic cars tend to attract onlookers. While you may enjoy the attention your car gets when it hits the road, it’s a different story when you have to step away from your prized possession.

Vintage cars are high-end and cost a lot of money. Make sure you secure your garage door or upgrade the security at home to keep your car safe. It’s best to park your car indoors in a space that’s temperature-regulated, ventilated, insulated, and dry.

When handing over the keys to a valet, make sure he knows what he is doing and will park it safely. You should also avoid leaving your car parked in unfamiliar neighborhoods, as your car may attract unwanted attention and inspire theft attempts.

Use Authentic Parts When Possible

When something goes wrong with your car, it could cost you a small fortune if you want the original spare parts. Although you might be tempted to cut down your expenses and choose aftermarket parts, it’s best to be cautious. One bad part could result in the car facing issues in the long run.

You may have to wait a while before you get the original spare parts, but at the end of the day, the wait may be better than choosing the wrong part that could wreck your vehicle later on.

Fluid Intake

The most important rule to maintaining a classic car is to check its fluid levels on a regular basis. This is not limited to gas, but also the oil, water, and brake fluid which are all equally responsible for the smooth functioning of your vehicle.

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Do Not Hoard

Yes, your car is a classic and regarded as an antique, but that’s no reason to hoard it or leave it on display alongside your record collection. The best way to maintain a classic car is to keep it moving. As mentioned above, getting spare parts could be tricky, which is why storing the right tire equipment and a spare tire in your trunk will ensure your car won’t have to sit in your garage for long durations.

Regular Cleaning

The essence of a classic car lies in its cleanliness. If it’s not clean, it’s just an old car gathering dust. The last thing you want is to be seen driving a rusty car that squeaks at every turn.

Regular cleaning motivates you to maintain your car frequently, which in turn increases the lifespan and keeps it looking classic and pretty.

Don’t Ignore Rust

No matter how much care you put into your car, you can’t guarantee that it will stay rust-free. Always check for small spots of rust that might start appearing, especially along the roof of your car. Older cars tend to rust quicker, which is why it is important to treat these spots early on. 

You can also prevent your car from rusting by regularly waxing it. A good wax job will ensure there are no droplets of water settled in and around the car, which is the root cause of rust.

Keeping Your Car in Classic Style

Maintaining a classic car doesn’t have to be a chore, especially if you follow the right steps. Take your time to understand what your car needs and don’t settle for anything that could compromise the integrity or condition of your vehicle. Make the right choice and keep your classic as good as new.

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