Tips for a Summer Beach Vacation

by Kevin Smith Author

Carry a Sand-Free Beach Bag

It isn’t very fun to get sand anywhere, but somewhere and definitely shouldn’t go is in the beach bag. A mesh bag would be the best choice to just let the sand escape. Just give it a good shake before leaving the beach and any that remains should shake off.

Learn About Rip Currents

While pretty sights like the summer beach sunset in Georgia can be easy to be distracted by, don’t forget that the beach can be dangerous. Rip currents can be spotted by looking for a break in the wave pattern or in the seaweed. If you’re worried about what to do if caught in a rip current it might be a good idea to go to a beach with a lifeguard.

Pack Lunches in Separate Containers

Even if sand does get in the bag, it’s still a good idea to keep lunches stored in their own containers. Maybe even consider packing extras. That way if something happens to one lunch, the rest will still be okay to eat. This may take up extra space or plastic bags, but it would be better than a trip back to the hotel.

Wear Shoes in the Water

While some people might not like the feeling of some kind of shoe in the water, it can help avoid any cuts to the feet. And it would be best to wear flip flops or water shoes in case other shoes would become too heavy or bulky.

Be Prepared to Deal with Injuries

If injuries still happen it’s best to be ready to deal with them. And of course, make sure to bring any medication anyone in the group would need, even if there aren’t any injuries that happen at the beach itself. Since the beach can be secluded from somewhere that would be able to provide first aid, this can be a do it yourself situation.

Take Some Baby Powder

To avoid having to take some intense showers to get rid of all the sand, think about bringing some baby powder. This can help prevent the sand from sticking and would save time in the clean up later.

Bring Towels from Home

It may be tempting to not bring any extra towels and just use the ones the hotel provides, but those might not be the best for the beach. Beach towels from are the best suited for looking up at the summer beach sunset in Georgia.

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