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The biometric system is a gift of technology which not only helps in reducing the manual work but also helps to retain an attendance system that cannot be manipulated. Starting from the entry of the employee to their lunch break and to the time of leaving the office premises, all get accurately recorded with the machine. No paperwork needed to maintain Timesheets for the employees. Neither is there a need to keep an eye on the ghost workers giving proxy attendances. All these troubles are sorted through a Biometric Attendance System.

Data is important and critical for many organizations. Biometric systems help in implementing access control as well, such that only authorized people can have access to confidential data and locker rooms. Well, that is like an added advantage coming from an attendance management system.

Biometric Attendance System is a one-time investment that will remove all further expenses. All the processes like the shift changes, barriers for entry and exit, break times, hours clocked by the employee in a month, etc. can be taken care of in one shot.

The rapid movement of Biometric system technology from the Government to the general public.

Every government and especially India have faced issues with corruption and time theft. Countries, where people are true to their work, have seen much faster growth than those where the employees resort to bending the rules. So, what is that the governments have done to overcome this situation? Well, to start with many countries started with the implementation of Biometric Attendance Systems to make sure employees do clock in the required number of hours in the office. Any change will be resisted by a fraction of employees, but over a period of time, people started getting used to these systems and there was a marked improvement in their productivity as well.

Reports show that various countries have been mandating Biometric ID for offices and they have been able to reap very good results too. Not only had the employees started maintaining the required hours in the office, they were also given incentives for the timely entry and exit. This led to increased productivity and employee happiness index as well.

What happened next is nothing short of a revolution. It started with major IT giants implementing the Biometric Attendance Systems in their offices followed by banks and other organisations needing higher productivity and security. With the advancement of technology, these machines are now seen in offices, schools, colleges, laboratories, and even some homes. These systems not only help in time tracking but are a useful tool for access control too.

With no intruders and minimized risk, companies are now able to create a more protective eco-system for their organizations. These Biometric Attendance Systems also helped in bringing in more transparency and was a hit among the employees willing to embrace the new technology.  Making use of an individual’s unique attributes like the iris, fingerprint or the face made these systems click.

Biometric Attendance System Benefits to Company

1.     No more ghost workers.

2.     No manual time entry

4.     No extra cost for time tracking and reporting

5.     No daily maintaining of the worksheets since the data are updated automatically in the system.

6.     Finally, more transparency

Installation and Maintenance Made Simple

1. 360-degree verification- A good Biometric Attendance machine is capable of recognizing the fingerprint irrespective of the angle in which it is kept. Some even come with a customizable accuracy setting. That means no more fraud. No late coming and no early leaving from offices as a single touch of the finger on machines will capture all of this data and instantaneous transfer to the cloud as well.

2. ADIS Intelligence System: All the biometric devices are connected to the ADIS Intelligence Systems which means they can be easily tracked through a dashboard. One look at the dashboard is enough to find out if any machine is not connected or is faulty.

3. Plug and Play devices: The devices are easy to install and use with minimal maintenance. Most users have reported 20% to 40% cost savings in data capture compared to their previously used methods

Now, if you are looking to implement a biometric Attendance Management System in your office, then do check out Cuckoo Tech, which is a pioneer in this field and is known for designing 21st-century solutions. They can help you with customized solutions for your organization and will be always available for product related support. They have several options in attendance systems for you to choose from. Schedule a free demo today and take your business to next level.

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