Time for an Exterminator?

by Kevin Smith Author

The Signs

 Do you wake up in the morning with tiny, red, itchy bites on your body? When you turn on the lights, do roaches scatter for dark hiding places? Is something other than your dog or cat crunching in the food dish at night? Is something is scratching or buzzing inside the wall? These are all signs that it may be time to contact exterminating companies near Peekskill, NY.


 The bedbug is sneaky, silent and disgusting. It attacks at night while you sleep. Although they live primarily under your mattress, they can take up residency nearly anywhere a crack or crevasse exists to protect them from the light. Bedbugs are attracted to the carbon dioxide in your breath much like mosquitos. Also, like mosquitos, they come to suck your blood to feed their offspring.  


 The two most common roaches are the German brown cockroach, and the larger, American black cockroach. They can live anywhere in your house. They thrive behind cabinets and appliances. Damp and warm areas are their favorite places. They can survive eating anything from moldy cardboard, to the casing on your electric wires. Given ideal conditions, the female roach can lay twenty male and twenty female eggs. In two weeks those twenty females will do the same thing.

 Rats and Mice

 Mice and rats are not the friendly chefs and shrewd swordsmen portrayed in cartoons. They are a disease-carrying pestilence that spread sickness and destroy infrastructure. These rodents are carriers of several diseases and often serve as host for ticks that cause Lyme’s disease. Rats were thought to have been the cause of the spread of bubonic plague, the black death that killed millions of people throughout Europe.


 Honey bees love to hum. The constant vibration of their wings collectively in the hive, both provide the cooling effect of a fan in the hot months and heat for the queen in the winter. If the hive is inside your wall, it can grow year after year until it houses tens of thousands of stinging bees. In southern states, the possibility of those honeybees being Africanized makes the existence of a hive a potentially deadly prospect that should be dealt with by a professional.


 Scratching in the attic at dusk is usually a strong indication that you may have bats in your belfry. The excrement of bats is called guano. Although known to be a rich source of nitrogen for fertilizer, it can also be home to microorganisms that can cause sickness, and in extreme cases, death. There is no greater motivator to contact exterminating companies near Peekskill, NY.

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