Timber Maintenance - Wood Floor Oiling can Prevent Cracking of Wooden Floor!

by Matthew Lavitov Wooden Window Maintenance

Some people may prefer to go for the polyurethane finish for their wooden floor. Well, they prefer to go for this option as they think that such finish can generate extra shine for the floor. But in reality, when polyurethane is applied on the wooden floor, it creates a coat for the floor. This is just like a layer of film that uses to sit on the wooden floor. Due to this reason, it has an enhanced chance to deteriorate quickly. When you walk on this type of floor, it can come across friction and thus the coat that sits on the wooden floor can flip over. But when you go for the wood floor oiling option, you will not face this type of problem.

Once applied properly by the professional timber maintenance service like Timber Treatments, the oil penetrates deep into the wooden floor. Due to this reason, the grain also penetrates deep into the wooden surface. It also hardens the fibers of the wood. This is how, oil treatment for the wooden floor can generate a natural look and this look also lasts for a long time. as the oil delves deep into the wood, it continues to nourish the wooden floor and also enhances its age. These days, many homeowners prefer to have wooden floor.

Well, such a floor generates a proper aesthetic look and value for a home. Having a wooden floor is surely a big advantage of the overall décor of your home. But when you have such a floor, you also consider timber maintenance on a regular interval. Why? Wooden floors can come across certain issues like scratch, dent, and damage. Over the time, these problems may occur with the wooden floor. But when you opt for the wood floor oiling like option, these problems can be eliminated successfully. Probably the biggest advantage that a homeowner can receive with wood flooring oiling is that there is hardly any need to go for the sand before repair works are performed.

Due to this reason, the creation of dust as well as disruption can be avoided. These days, the leading timber maintenance service uses the vegetable based oil when there is a need for wood floor oiling. Such oil is safe on the use. it can be handled and applied easily on the wooden floor to maintain its shape, luster, shine and natural look. The next big advantage of wood floor oiling is that it delivers such a floor for you that are easy to repair. With the help of spot repairs, damages and scratches can be removed or camouflaged easily.

There are also colored oils that can be applied on those areas where the damages are greatly visible. In this way, such damages can be covered easily and completely. Due to the seasonal effects, wood can shrink and expand. The wooden floor treated with polyurethane can crack due to this reason. But the wood floor oiling is such an option that allows the oil to go deep into the wood fiber and becomes a part of it. Due to this reason, wood floor oiling can prevent cracking of the wooden floor.


Timber maintenance is something that you must consider when you have wooden floor for your home. Matthew Lavitov can suggest more about the benefits of wood floor oiling.

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