Tilting Gravity Die Casting Machine- Better for mass production

by Sanjeev Y. SEO Consultant
Tilted Gravity dies casting is a manufacturing process. It helps in producing accurately dimensional metal parts which are also sharply defined and have textured-surface metal parts. It is called a gravity machine as molten metal is made into reusable metal dies under the force of gravity.

What is die casting?
The term "die casting" describes the finished part. Tilted die casting produces geometrically complex metal parts through the use of reusable molds. Die casting process produces complex shapes within closer tolerances. It is far better than many other mass production processes.

What is the process of die casting?
In tilted die casting, any metal or non-ferrous alloy is melted in the furnace and then injected into the dies in the die casting machine. Metals which are commonly used in this process are aluminum, zinc or copper base. It is suitable for medium to high volume products.

There are three key stages in the process.

·    Molding
First, the heated mold is coated with a die release agent. Then, the part is removed from the die. Later, the release agent is sprayed to aid cooling of the mold.

·    Pouring
After the first stage, molten metal is poured into channels. Then, allowed to cool the material to fill all the extremities of the mold cavity. Pouring can be done by hand or poured using steel ladles or dosed using mechanical methods. There is a mold that allows the alloy to enter the mold cavity. Molten alloy passes from the lower part of the die. This process reduces the formation of turbulence and subsequent porosity.

·    Opening the die

Once the part has cooled sufficiently, the die is opened. It can be opened manually or by machines. This unique method of casting produces parts that are durable and stable in dimension.

Advantages of tilting gravity die casting

l    Good dimensional finishes
l    Smoother cast surface than other techniques
l    Improved mechanical properties
l    Making of thinner walls
l    Molding steel pins and inserts can be cast into the part
l    Gives faster production with increased speed
l    Quality of product is repeatable once the tooling is proven
l    Low set up casting prices

How to procure a tilting gravity die casting machine?

l    You can find tilting gravity die casting machine manufacturers online.
l    Filter the services and material according to your needs and specifications.
l    You can also contact the manufacturers and negotiate for better quotes.
l    They will help you get the best quality machines at a reasonable price.
l    Doorstep delivery is also available.

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