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Most yard owners and business owners in the South Shore regions are planning big after the winter. With the excitement that comes along with the warm months of the year, residents prepare for many things. Some of them include pool parties, barbecues, outdoor playtime with kids, and many more outdoor events. However, your time in the outdoor environment can turn sour with the presence of ticks and mosquitoes. To avoid such cases, a professional mosquito and tick control service can help you by eliminating these parasites and insects.

Mosquito control Methods
There are various mosquito control methods available today. Most of them are highly effective in mosquito eradication while harmless to yard owners' family and pets. Mosquito control South Shore uses barrier spray treatment to help protect your backyards for almost a whole month. Each additional spray ensures effective mosquito control. Regular monitoring is very beneficial as experts keep you informed of the situation.
Weather conditions affect the population of mosquitoes on your property. Mosquito control services can visit your property every two weeks interval for treatment. This period can also range from 12 to 17 days. Consistency in spray application ensures that the results are optimal. You will have the freedom to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the season now.

Tick Control Services
Ticks are cousins to spiders in the arachnid classification. The only difference between them and spiders is they depend on animal blood for survival hence this makes them parasites. Their sizes vary according to species. Tick bites can be slightly painful but can spread diseases such as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever (RMSF), Human Anaplasmosis (HA), and Powassan Virus (POW).

Tick control South Shore employs many techniques. The foremost step is cleaning out any debris on the property. However, you can schedule tick spraying from a top tick control company. Spraying gets rid of existing ticks and protects from future tick attacks. A tick control service would apply a spray that acts as a shield that repels ticks from the property. The first spray eliminates ticks considerably in a significant way. Technicians working with the tick control service return to your property several times through the season to perform reapplication of spray if necessary.
Mosquitoes and ticks are quite irritating insects. Mosquito bites are painful and can leave behind bruised skin and red bumps that can itch like hell. Furthermore, mosquitoes are more than annoying insects. Once a female Anopheles mosquito bites you, you can contract diseases such as West Nile Virus, malaria, and the zika virus. Take measures to eradicate ticks and mosquitoes to avoid all these problems.

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