Three Reasons to Buy a Cooling Mattress

by Kristen White Blogger
If you’ve ever had the A/C die out in the summer then you know how difficult it is to sleep in a warm or hot room but did you know that your mattress could be trapping body heat and preventing you from getting the quality of sleep you need?

Every individual has an internal core temperature that determines how hot or cold they feel in conjunction with the external environment. Some individuals run hot where it takes colder temps to actually chill them; while others are the exact opposite. When you go to sleep at night the majority of your body’s surface area is against the mattress on one side and covered by sheets and blankets over the rest. This means that the heat your body is giving off has nowhere to go and so sits against you creating a warm, and often sweaty, place to sleep.
This doesn’t have to be the case when you purchase mattress in Dubai that has a cooling system integrated into the design of the mattress itself along with components that manage the temperature. The body’s systems continue to work even when you are asleep so it is necessary for the mattress to have a way of drawing the heat from the body and dispersing it away so the individual stays comfortable and sleeps deeper. Tossing and turning in the middle of the night is often caused by an individual trying to cool themselves off and find a restful position but with the cooling mattress, this action isn’t necessary and sleepers can stay in REM longer.

Night sweats are a symptom of come health conditions including age and menopause when the body’s hormones are changing and it shifts suddenly from one temperature to the next. This can negatively affect a person’s sleeping patterns which results in moodiness, irritability and difficulty concentrating because the brain and body are tired. When you purchase mattress in UAE that is breathable and adjusts to keep the body at a normal temp then it reduces the chances of waking up either too hot or cold and being able to sleep through the night.
For the elderly or those with sensitivity to temperature this is important because it isn’t just enough to regulate the temperature in the room but they need it within the mattress as well so their body is comfortable. Thirdly, having a mattress that provides temperature control ensures that physical systems can do what they need to during the night while the individual is at rest. The body can still burn calories, repair issues and refresh itself but it needs to be comfortable and able to be stable at the proper temp so that it doesn’t have to adjust this along with the other functions.

Enhance your sleeping experience by purchasing a cooling pillow to partner with the mattress so your entire body has a thermo-regulated environment to sleep on and see how this simple change can make a significant difference in how you sleep. Changing out blankets, throwing them off/pulling them on, all these things create opportunities for the body to wake up and then have to work to fall back asleep again.  Give your system its best chance to get rest and stay there until the alarm goes off in the morning with a quality cooling mattress.

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