Three Greatest Causes of Data Loss and How to Prevent It?

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As we all know, prevention is always better than cure, so is data protection. Here in this article, we will discuss the major causes of data loss and how to prevent them before the catastrophe. 


Data is the collection of qualitative and quantitative information stored digitally in a concordant device for useful purposes. In the technological era, where technology advancements are growing rampantly, so is the data. As a result, it has become an important intangible asset.  

Since it is becoming an important and inseparable tool of our lives, losing it may affect us in several ways. Some losses are minimal, while some are not, and Data loss is one such loss. Data loss can cause major disruption in the easy functioning of day-to-day activities in a business. Losing important details and files often has a lasting impact on the financial health of companies. But the data can be recoverable, and the process of recovering data sometimes may require the intervention of IT professionals. 

The inconvenience of data loss has been proven impacting, especially businesses, in a large amount. Data loss issues are costing our business and growing industries precariously. According to IBM report:

  • More than 90% of companies suffer from data loss that does not recover
  • Around 40% of businesses do not reopen open due to this major issue.
  • Nearly 50% of companies face data loss issues and close their business within 2yrs of data loss.
  • More than 60% of businesses leave the competitive market due to data loss within a year. 

Greatest causes of Data loss:

1. Hard Disk failure:

The major risk of losing data is Hard disk failure. Around 60% of data losses occur due to Hard Disk failure, and amongst hard drive failure issues, 40% occur due to misuse of it. And losing data seems more painful without having backups available. A hard disk fails due to many mechanical issues, such as:

  • Overheating
  • Spill water or liquid on it
  • Exposure to a magnetic field
  • High power outages, high voltas 
  • Misuse or being dropped 
  • Clicking, grinding or screeching noises.

When any of these things you notice, act quickly as possible. Get all your data backup before you lose your data permanently. It would be best if you also considered professional advice for better help in data recovery service and prevention from any such occurrence in the future.

2. Accidental deletion or errors:

Another major cause is the accidental deletion of files or errors. Creating and deleting files and folders is just part of our everyday business life. Sometimes we delete files without realizing their importance or purpose. Afterall we all are human, and mistakes can happen. Recycle Bin comes as a safe hand to restore the deleted files, but it is not a safety net that comes as a rescue every time. Similarly, sometimes an error code may result in data loss unknowingly. 

In such scenarios, a user can use softwares to restore lost data, but in some cases, it has been seen that using softwares results in permanent data loss. Therefore, choosing an expert solution may be a wise decision. 

3. Virus and Malware :

When we take data loss into account, Viruses and Malware cannot remain untouched. Many new viruses and corrupted links pop up while working on desktops and laptops. According to the business survey, 35% of IT companies suffer from data loss issues due to Virus and Malware infections. Viruses are no less than other real threats. It holds the ability to encrypt your data and steal it permanently. So act beforehand, take necessary precautions and keep your antivirus updated before it's too late to recover the damage. Additionally, you can consider data recovery services where you can recover your entire operating system and any other devices rather than files only. 

Here are the top 10 practices which can help you to prevent data loss:

  1. Keep your system clean. Delete unnecessary files, docs, media regularly.
  2. Reboot your system if it gets hot while working on it. 
  3. Have a regular backup with encryption.
  4. In hard drive failure, create multiple backups and contact experts quickly. 
  5. Keep your antivirus software updated. 
  6. Do not open unnecessary links, websites and corrupted files. 
  7. Don't leave your system open while working.
  8. Use a protector for the power surge. 
  9. Check twice before deleting system files.
  10.  Do not keep liquids or any food item near your system which might harm you. 


Going ahead towards the concluding remark, having a backup means keeping an additional file has always been proven to be an effective way to prevent data loss. However, IT experts' solutions must be considered during any major data loss scenario. For any such data recovery services, Techchef data recovery Pvt. Ltd. can help with the solution you need. With its experienced technicians and innovative services, the company has helped thousands of customers recover their lost data in critical situations. So, if your business is suffering from a data loss issue, contact techchef today. 

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