This Premium Dark Coffee Blend Is Perfect For Cafe Breve & Espresso Con Panna

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Coffee and milk go together like peaches and cream. Do you know what else goes with cream? No points for guessing correctly! But while it’s true that milk and cream can add flavor and volume to your cup of Joe, can you really say that it’s the best cup of Joe you’ve ever had if you’re just using mass-produced instant grinds of dubious origin and quality?

Probably not, but that’s what GoCoffeeGo is here for.

When it comes to espresso blends that are a match made in heaven for creamy delights like café latte and espresso con panna, GoCoffeeGo only carries the best of the best, and they always make sure their products are roasted to order. Because if you’re going to be making your favorite espresso drink, you ought to do it with freshly roasted beans of the highest quality!

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Despite common misconceptions, “espresso” describes a brewing method as opposed to a roast type; they are typically made by forcing a high-pressure stream of water through finely ground beans packed into a portafilter, a process that creates a small but concentrated “shot” of coffee, says GoCoffeeGo. Espresso shots are very versatile, and they can be consumed as is or used as bases for a number of popular coffee beverages.

If you happen to prefer sweeter drinks, GoCoffeeGo recommends the Monarch Espresso, a thick, dark-roasted coffee that was created to pair well with ingredients high in fat content - like peaches and cream, except it’s coffee and cream! Speaking of which, mixing this sugar-dense blend with milk or cream creates a flavor reminiscent of caramelized sugar; you’ll also taste hints of Swiss chocolate or cacao, depending on the amount of milk in the beverage. The coffee has additional notes of molasses, red wine, and dried berries, resulting in a complex brew regardless of how it’s made.

Because of its unique flavor profile and syrupy body, the blend is particularly suitable for cream- and milk-based espresso drinks, such as espresso con panna, café breve, café latte, or cappuccino; its bold taste also allows it to stand out in café mocha and other flavored espresso beverages too, so feel free to pile on the sweetness with every flavor of syrup you can imagine!

Basically, if you like desserts, you’re definitely going to like this blend.

When brewing this coffee to use as the base of a drink, GoCoffeeGo suggests a dose of 19.5 grams and an extraction time of 26 to 31 seconds for optimal flavor. Although intended for espressos, this blend can be enjoyed as a pour-over coffee, and GoCoffeeGo offers it in grind sizes appropriate for drip machines. Versatile indeed!

The Monarch Espresso is roasted by Onyx Coffee Lab, an award-winning artisan roastery that prides itself on the quality of its blends. They knew exactly what they were doing when they were developing this blend; they’ve got coffee roasting down to a fine art!

GoCoffeeGo continues to share its passion for specialty coffee with its customers. The store stocks a variety of products beyond espresso blends, including single-origin coffees and French and Italian roasts.

So even if you’re more of a coffee traditionalist (and there’s nothing wrong with that), GoCoffeeGo will have something for you. Sweet coffees that go with milk-based espressos, bold roasts that are great on their own, and everything in between - the choice is yours, and GoCoffeeGo is happy to meet your coffee-drinking needs, whatever they happen to be!

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