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by Anupam Rajey Virtual Assistant Services

What is a product description?

If this is the question asked to the audience, probably they would reply- It is the text lying by the side of the product describing the product well.

Well… this is the answer everyone is familiar with but still, there is something that is hidden.

“A product description is much more beyond that.”

E-commerce business owners, who understand this, want the product description as appealing as it can be and opt for Product Description Writing Service to enhance the product listing.

The product description is not merely about illustrating the features and benefits of the product.

But how well it is written…this is something that makes or breaks the significance of a product description.

“According to a study, it has been found that 20% of the purchase failures are due to unclear and doubtful descriptions.”

Do you know what all you can do with an amazing product description?

Check out some points:

Portrays Your Brand

Many brands owner think that product description hardly makes any difference in the conversion journey.

Consequently, they skip this part without laying much emphasis.

If you are also one of them then you are committing one of the biggest mistakes.

Excellence in product description somewhere depicts the brand personality.

Good descriptions are successful enough to influence the users whereas the bad one can turn the user away.

As a whole, product descriptions strengthen your brand in the most unexpected way.

Increases Your Product Sale

Don’t you think there is a huge impact on the product description to influence the customers?

Yes, there is…

Users read the product description to get well-versed with the product completely.

Once they are contented after going through it, probably they would prefer to buy the product.

The product description is not only the strongest weapon to convince the users but also gives a strong reason for the users to purchase it.

As a result, people are looking forward to description writing services to get an increase in their product sales.

Intrigues Customers Interest

Everyone is familiar with everything- How is that possible?

No, it’s really not possible.

Most of the times, it is the product description only that intrigues the interest of the user towards it.

When people purchase it is not always out of need, sometimes it is due to interest also.

For Example:

When users purchase perfume, it is not because they need it;

Sometimes the product description is good enough to create a picture in their mind and make them purchase the perfume.

Thus, product description plays a vital role in generating the need for product description writing service to generate interest of the users.

Enhances the User’s Experience

A user having half knowledge about the product is very inquisitive to know about it completely.

His quest generally ends up after reaching the product description part.

But if still, a user didn’t get the information he wanted, somewhere it affects the kind of user experience he is getting from your product listing.

But with the help of product description writing service, you can easily own impeccable product descriptions for your products and enhance the users’ experience.

After being familiar with the importance of the product description, I am sure you would love to explore how to write an amazing description?

Be Clear About the Buyer Persona

Who is the buyer of your product?

For whom you are writing the description?

These two are the necessary questions that you must have in your mind while writing the description.

After all, product description somewhere targets the users.

And targeting irrelevant users will take you nowhere.

Not everyone is perfect in writing descriptions but description writing service providers do.

So before going for product description writing service, it’s better to identify your niche audience clearly.

This will help to get compelling descriptions from them that can directly target the relevant audience.

Yes, you read it right!

Avoid using phrases like- Product is very good, excellent quality, worth buying, etc.

Such a phrase gives a feel like you are boasting your product.

So please avoid this… Simply state in simple and clear words the qualities of the product.

What is good in a product, whether it is worth buying or not, etc. the customer himself will make out?

Every customer has different requirements, whether the product is apt for the users or not- This will be decided by the users only.

These silly mistakes can compel the user to turn their nose up.

Opting for description writing services can be a great move

Do you really think that every time a user prefers to read the whole description with full dedication?

Not really…I guess.

Most of the times, people just skim the product description.

Even in this case, product description must be easily readable and should be catchy enough to pull the potential customers.

Before making users to read the description, the design and layout must entice the users.

And obviously, before doing something, your mind should be prepared.

Product description writing service helps to get amazing and readable content by adding:

  • Enticing Headlines
  • Bullet points to highlight valuable part
  • Understandable and readable size fonts
  • Adequate use of white space

The product descriptions are specially meant to aid the users.

I agree…

But make sure the descriptions are reachable too.

Descriptions should be optimized enough to get crawled by the search engines.

In order to do so, ensure that product description is containing relevant keywords and search terms people are using to search the product.

Additionally, you can include LSI keywords also for better optimization.

Description writing service provider understands well the importance of keywords.

Thus, ensure the presence of keywords in page titles, Meta description, product description, and Alt tags.

Benefits Are the Reasons Compelling Users to Buy

How beautifully you present the benefits of a product can prove to be a game changer.

You need to tell the users that what is all there in the product.

It is up to you to make out which benefit would interest the users the most.

Product description writing service allows owning the most compelling descriptions for your products.

The benefits must be presented in such a manner that it directly strikes their mind.

Do not go for mundane and general specs rather tell them what is there for them.

Furthermore, they must have a strong reason to buy it after reading the description.

Use Powerful Words Increase Persuasiveness

No doubt, words have the power to attract and distract the users.

A good description always contains loads of powerful words and directly impacts the mind of the users.

Powerful words not only hit the emotions of the users but also justify their job to persuade.

For Instance,

Words given below have an influential impact on the users.

  • Suddenly
  • Amazing
  • Now
  • Sensational
  • Announcing
  • Introducing
  • Miracle
  • Magic
  • Revolutionary and many more

While opting description writing services it is easy to encounter a perfect blend of powerful words and amazing description.

The product descriptions hold a very crucial role in persuading users.

It is never a factor of negligence. Boring and mundane description can compel your users to turn and their nose.

Thus, it needs special attention too.

Descriptions are not only the answers to many unsolved queries of the users but also help in presenting the brand and attract more sales.

That’s why the demand for product description writing service is growing fiercely.

To add life to the product description, check out above-mentioned points and give a boost to your product sales and e-commerce business.

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