Things to Know Before Using CNC Presetters

by James Smith Business
Here is a guide that will walk you through the key points you should know well before you start to use a CNC machine tool presetter:
Which Presetter is the Best Fit?

There is a wide variety of presetters available today, which makes it considerably more difficult to identify the most suitable option for your specific needs. It basically boils down to contact and non-contact models. If you are concerned about affordability, studies have shown that contact presetters are less expensive than their non-contact counterparts. However, if you are more concerned about results and performance, then the cost difference may not matter as much since noncontact models have higher efficiency and accuracy ratings.

Focus on the Accuracy Ratings

As referenced above, accuracy and efficiency are the cornerstones of performance with any type of CNC tool presetter. Pay close attention to the guidelines enforced by your shop to ensure the selected presetter is a suitable match. In most cases, the measurement of accuracy between the gauges and the part tolerance speaks volumes about the required accuracy for the tool presetter. If your guidelines require a part tolerance of 0.002-inch or tighter, then you should consider using an optical system to ensure you meet the outlined accuracy requirements. Otherwise, you should be good to go with a standard contact presetter as your standard tool of choice.

Exploring the Value of Qualified Tools

To ensure that you minimize the errors experienced in tool data communication, there are quite a few advantages to retaining qualified tools that are frequently present. By using the tool measurement system in between projects, the tool’s length can be adjusted by the user before it is even removed from the tool holder to ensure it matches a predetermined value before it is used. It is true that the measurement tool is essentially used as a presetter in these instances, but that is essentially an exceptional scenario.

Certain machines require the use of qualified tools – including twin-spindle equipment, transfer lines as well as 5-axis CNC machines. Keep in mind that all tools must be preset to meet specific guidelines for each project – including the tools that may not be as interesting or popular as others. If you want your shop to be able to explore an extensive list of options with a presetter, using the approach of relying on qualified tools is worthy of your consideration.

Education and Training are Essential

Regardless of the specific type of CNC machine tool presetter that is selected for your team, it is imperative to remember the undeniable value of ongoing training and continuous education. Whether your team consists of experienced CNC machinists or inexperienced beginners, everyone can benefit from being trained on effective practices and the proper way to use the presetter for various projects.

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