Things To Know About Knee Replacement Surgery

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Knee Replacement Surgery

knee replacement is a surgical procedure designed to relieve pain and stiffness caused by knee arthritis. In a total knee replacement, the surgeon removes the entire damaged part of the bone from your leg and replaces it with an artificial joint made of metal alloys, plastics, and polymers.

When pain or stiffness in the knee prevents everyday activities, knee replacement surgery may be an option. During this procedure, your surgeon can replace your damaged knee joint with an artificial joint, restoring its movement and stability.

Knee replacement surgery is usually reserved for older adults with severe arthritis. The goal of the procedure is to relieve pain, stop further damage to your knee joint, and improve functioning. It should be part of a long-term treatment plan that includes weight loss, physical therapy, exercise, and medicine.

New advances in the technology used to make knee replacement implants mean that many people can return to activities they enjoy without worrying about injuring their knee replacement. The new knee patience restores your ability to do what you love.

Why Knee Replacement Surgery Is Done

There are many reasons to consider knee replacement surgery. Some people may need it to relieve severe pain and stiffness caused by osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. Others might find their mobility is severely limited and their quality of life impaired. And for many, the discomfort, disability, and poor quality of life associated with severe osteoarthritis just aren’t acceptable. For these individuals, knee replacement surgery can provide significant relief and improvement in their quality of life.

Knee replacement surgery is used to treat knee arthritis. After knee replacement surgery, most people can walk without pain and do many of the normal activities they could do before they had arthritis.

An older person with severe or progressive knee pain may need to have knee replacement surgery. Their knee may be so badly damaged that they can no longer walk on it without severe pain. Knee replacement surgery may also be an option for younger people with severe knee disease.

What Are Risk Involved In Knee Replacement Surgery

The main risk of knee replacement surgery is infection. This may be life-threatening. The risk gets lower the longer you wait after surgery to shower or bathe because germs grow in moist areas. The risk also gets lower each day post-surgery.

While the risk of infection after knee replacement surgery is low, your doctor will give you instructions to follow to help prevent it. Behaviors that may increase your risk of infection include smoking, bathing alone, not warming the area before surgical incision, or refusing to take antibiotics prescribed to you.

If you have a knee replacement, the most likely complications are infections in your leg or knee. An infection can occur from bacteria from your skin entering through your wound or from germs from other parts of your body, such as your intestines, entering through the bloodstream. 

After Knee Replacement Surgery  What You Can Expect

After knee replacement surgery You’ll need to spend 24 to 48 hours in the hospital under observation, with your knee locked in an elevated position. You will generally be discharged to go home when you’re able to take oral pain medications, move around easily in bed, and eat food normally. Occasionally, you may need to stay longer or be transferred to a rehabilitation facility for additional physical therapy, depending on how your progress is going.

The most important thing to remember after knee replacement surgery is to do what your Knee Replacement Surgeon in Lucknow tells you If you are in a top multi-specialty hospital of Lucknow. You may encounter some pain, but medication can help control it. Take it easy for the first few days, and then start walking to speed your recovery. As your mobility improves, start doing muscle-building exercises at home. To regain full function after surgery, give yourself six months.

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