Things To Consider While Purchasing the Commercial Ice Cube Machine

by Naman A. Well-Motivated Digital Marketer

In order to have effective and efficient results, it is very necessary to have a proper commercial ice cube machine. Therefore listing down few important things that you should consider before you purchase the right commercial ice cube machine as per your business needs:

     Choose the right-sized ice machine

One of the most difficult things while choosing the commercial ice machine is to select the right amount of ice for your commercial business.

As for your business, if the drinks are the primary focus where you will be using the maximum of your ice, you need to estimate how much ice will be needed.

The next thing to be considered is to analyze where the ice will be used apart from the drinks. For example, if your business is equipped with a bar, then it is important for you to know how much ice will be needed to refill that area.

     Pick the right ice cube shapes

If you wish to have the best commercial ice machine for your business, you need to choose the shape of your ice cubes that will be needed.

The ice cubes can be produced in all shapes and sizes, and the ice cubes are not just for aesthetic purposes.

The ice cubes are produced in different shapes to assist with the specific industries. For example, a lot of block ice machine manufacturers produce cube ice cubes that are soft and chewable easily without damaging your teeth.

The flake is ideal for the seafood bars and for the food display as they are moldable. There are many other shapes too, so pick the ones that fit best with your business.

     Make sure there's enough space

Even the best of the best ice cube machines need the proper space to operate. So if you choose the air-cooled machine for your business, make sure there is enough space for ventilation.

The air-cooled machine produces heat while operating, and the heat is emitted through the vents on the unit.

     Providing the right drainage

All the commercial ice-making machines require water to produce the ice. Therefore the ice machine installation will require the proper drainage system for efficient operation.

If you have purchased the modular or the self-contained ice machine and installed it over the bin or the dispenser, you will be required to have a proper floor drain for the excess water flow.

The countertop commercial ice machines run their excess water into the sink drain system with the help of the wye fitting and reduce coupling.

Also, make sure that there should be a proper air gap in every commercial ice machine setup to make sure that the water does not return to the drainage tube.

     Choosing the Right Condenser

The air-cooled ice cube machines use the fans to cool down their condenser cools. This is one of the most popular types of commercial chip ice machines that most businesses use.

Still, there are many options to choose from, like water-cooled ice machines that need the water to cool their condenser coils and are not affected much by the temperature of their surroundings. It is best for the business that has restricted or constrained space.

Teg remote condensers that have a separate condenser unit from the machine. The refrigerant in such appliances travels from the aline set to the condensing unit usually installed outside with the proper space for ventilation.


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