Things To Consider Before You Jump On The Bandwagon of Automated Time Attendance Software

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Businesses around the globe use time clocks to record the work hours of their employees.  When invented they began as paper sheets, moved to punch time cards, and are progressing with passing time. Today they come in different forms, offering loads of solutions for catering to your time attendance management needs. With so many wide varieties of options available, to be able to choose the perfect kind of time clock solution for your business is quite a task.

Different organizations require different features in time attendance software. And having a clear idea about certain factors would help you in making the decision. Below are the things you need to consider-

Biometric vs non-biometric

That’s the first parameter you need to decide on – whether to go in for a biometric attendance system or non-biometric time clock. Non-biometric clocks come in the form of card readers. Employees use a unique identification number to punch when clocking in and out. Such a system is not very expensive, easy to set up, hassle-free to maintain and can easily be integrated with your existing software.  Unfortunately, the accuracy of such a system can easily be foiled by malpractices like ‘buddy punching’ and ‘ghost workers’. As this system entirely depends on a password/ punch code, the possibility that employees could punch on for a friend is always there. Employees could accidentally also lose cards/ passwords, leading to unwanted issues, which end up costing the company money and also putting the business at a risk. So if you think such problems are common to be encountered, it is better you consider a biometric time clock.

A biometric attendance system uses unique physical characteristic of an employee to track his attendance. It could be his fingerprint, iris scan, or face recognition points. With such specific attendance measuring procedures in place, an employer does not need to worry about time theft, noting attendance on sheets, or possible scenarios of losing key cards.

A biometric attendance measurement system proves beneficial to employees too as they need not

• spend too much time on clocking in or out,

• remember to carry punch cards to work daily,  or

• worry about keeping key cards safe, etc.

The number of employees

The capacity of the device you buy is determined based on the number of employees who are going to be using it. Certain devices are apt for an organization with 50 employees, but the same would not be able to support an organization with 1000 employees.

Work environment

The kind of work environment is a huge parameter to consider. Biometric time clocks may not be a correct device for certain kinds of businesses. For example, if your organization requires working in a dirty, dusty or oily environment, using a fingerprint sensor is not a good idea. Dirty surroundings not only tend to spoil the sensor machinery but are a menace to detect fingerprints on oily hands.

Climatic conditions

Climatic conditions like extreme heat or cold make it difficult for certain kinds of sensors to function properly.


It is also important you consider your company’s financial conditions before you can invest in an automated time attendance software. The market today offers a host of options that suit just every budget and every need of your company.

Company’s compliance and reporting needs

The biometric attendance system also assists you in maintaining records for compliance and reporting standards and regulations. Certain kinds of industries have strict regulations to be followed as per law. Having documented evidence is sure to be helpful in the time of need. They would also provide support down the road when you have expansion plans.

Giving a detailed thought to the above points can help you narrow down from the vast variety of options you have in the time attendance software market.

Now it is your turn to decide

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