Things to Consider Before Getting Breast Reduction Surgery

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Women who have large breasts often struggle with back, neck, and shoulder pain. You will also experience difficulty in exercising, irritation in the chest area, limitation in clothing, shoulder grooves etc.  
It is these reasons that majority of people choose to undergo Boob Reduction Surgery. However, as is with every other medical procedure, this process too has its own risks. Therefore, it is important to discuss all the aspects with your surgeon before going under the knife. Some of those points are mentioned below. 
You would need a few weeks to recover
Even though it is an outpatient process and you will be on your way within 3 hours of surgery, it would still require a few weeks to recover from it. It is common for the patients to feel tired and may even need to take a few days off from work to recover. It is also important to put off any rigorous exercising for at least a month. 
Your cup size will change
The size of breasts after reduction surgery depends on its actual size, breast composition, and your expectations. In most cases, women prefer to go down at least a size or two. It is possible that you may not find the exact cup size for the few times until you get used to smaller breasts. 
The scars will stay
The surgeon will make incisions from your nipples to the bottom of your breast. This area will be sore and swollen that will take a few days to heal. While the scars may fade over the years, they will always remain. So be prepared to live with it. 
Reduced sensation in nipples

According to breast surgery experts at Trueself, many doctors do not fully inform the risks of getting the surgery. For instance, soon after the procedure, your nipples may feel numb for sometime and may even take up to 2 months to regain its sensation. However, there are certain surgery techniques that can preserve the sensation in nipples so be sure to discuss this with your surgeon. 
Check insurance cover
There are some insurance companies who may cover the cost of breast reduction surgery if you are facing health problems as a result of it. Your surgeon can work with you to gather necessary information that you can send to your insurance company for claim. 
So if you are ready to take the first step in getting a breast reduction surgery, then you must start with setting up a consultation with a certified surgeon in a reputable medical institution near you. 
Openly talk about all these aspects and existing medical concerns for the surgeon to guide you properly. Make sure that you thoroughly verify your surgeons before getting the surgery.

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