Things Checked for Termite’s Presence in Pest Inspection Brisbane

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Termites are a major threat for property owner’s for a number of reasons. The first reason is the amount in which they attack on a property and the second reason is the degree of appetite that they have. The third is their favourite food that is present in bulk in modern-day homes. Perhaps the biggest reason why these creatures are a threat is that they attack very discreetly and will not get noticed until they have caused a substantial amount of damage to the property. This can be prevented very easily with the help of termite or complete pest control Brisbane services offered by pest control agencies. The pest inspectors come equipped with immense experience of the field, different tools and expertise to detect pests of different kinds including termites. In terms of detecting termites, these inspectors, also known as exterminators will look for the following signs.

Evidence of Swarmers

The weather conditions and climate of this country, Australia is conducive for the successful thriving and growth of different types of termites. When male termites become adult, they leave their present colonies to find new colonies and this is where, they leave swarmers. In case, pest inspectors find them in and around your home, they immediately understand that there is an entire colony somewhere around your property.

Mud Tubes

Experts of pest inspection services say that mud tubes are another evidence of the presence of termites in and around your property. Now if you don’t know what and these mud tubes are, let me tell you that these are tunnel like structures created by termites to stay prevented from dehydration. These tubes also keep them safe and allow them to navigate areas that may have their food. These tubes are often of the thickness of straw and provide full-proof protection from humidity and predators. If these tubes are visible in and around your property, the pest inspection Brisbane experts will immediately conclude that termites are present and they are navigating surroundings for more food.

Presence Of Mud In Construction Joints

Termites may be harmful for us, but a lesson that we can learn from them is regarding hard work. Yes, these creatures are very hard-working and would go to great lengths to make themselves comfortable especially again external weather elements.

You should start looking for termite or complete pest treatment agency, if you find mud crammed into small holes or cracks in your sheetrock or concrete or construction joints.

These are the signs of termite’s presence in your property and you should also keep looking for these signs during DIY inspection.

Presence Of Wood Around Your House

The presence of uselessly lying unattended wood around your property would mean that termites are going to be here very soon for a feast. 

The reason was described in the first sentence of this article that they have amazing appetite and the amount in which they raid; they always look for wood that happens to be their favourite food.

Winter firewood stacked in your backyard is an invitation for termites as are fallen tree branches. To keep them away from your property, you can remove deadwood and store winter firewood above the ground. 

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