The Varied Benefits of Liposuction

by Sarah Morris Consultant
Does liposuction help in leading a healthier life? That indeed may be true, as is evident by the many health benefits of this cosmetic procedure. Liposuction, or lipoplasty, as it is commonly called, helps to “suck up” excess fat from the body. It is used primarily for treating extra fat on thighs, buttocks, neck, upper arm and backs of arms, the abdominal region, etc. 

Is it possible that liposuction has positive health benefits?

Liposuction surgery in Frederick is effective for permanently removing the extra fat deposits in your body to alter the body shape. You must remember that you have to follow healthy lifestyle habits post-surgery to maintain the effects of the procedure. Secondly, the amount of fat that you can get rid of through this procedure is limited. Also, there is always the risk of infections as with any surgical procedure, along with some scarring and numbness.

At the same time, the benefits of liposuction for overall health cannot be ignored. Some of these have been highlighted here:

  • The key reason behind undergoing this surgery is to lose extra flab. The removal of excess fat helps you to automatically lose weight.

  • Liposuction can help reduce inflammatory cells to an extent of 11%. These cells are responsible for cardiovascular ailments, and when the numbers of such cells can be cut down, the risk of the person developing heart-related problems also diminishes.

  • Liposuction is known to lower blood fat levels. Studies show that people with high triglycerides have been able to get rid of nearly 43% of these fats post-surgery. In comparison, the medicines for treating this condition can achieve only 20% reduction.

  • When you opt for liposuction, you are making a conscious change towards a healthier lifestyle. In order to sustain the weight lost through surgery, you have to follow a strict diet and work out regularly. The procedure will guarantee instant weight loss; usually, this is so dramatic that patients are motivated to stick to a healthier lifestyle later on. Since the surgery brings about a huge change in the patient’s physical appearance, it brings about a positive change in his mindset and lifts up his spirits.

  • Liposuction can treat the lipodystrophy syndrome which is a condition in which the fat accumulates in a certain part of the body and gets removed from another. This is noticeable in patients infected with HIV but no one knows the reason why this happens. Insulin resistance and metabolic abnormalities result from this condition and liposuction can benefit patients by balancing fat distribution.

  • Liposuction can treat lymphedema which refers to swelling that affects your limbs. This usually occurs when there is lymph node removal during cancer treatment. This chronic condition occurs when there is excess fluid build-up and a lot of swelling causing pain, mobility problems, and discomfort.

  • For people who may have lost almost 40% of their earlier body weight, a tummy tuck surgery in Maryland  is recommended to get rid of the excess skin post the weight loss. This excess skin is not only unsightly, but also very uncomfortable, and sometimes painful too.

  • As far as emotional benefits go, liposuction is known to improve your self esteem because it can guarantee a complete makeover.

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