The Unimaginative Magnetic Vibes of Pushkar

by Suresh Nanda The Ananta Udaipur
India is a country with enormous options for a holiday. The first thing to sort out with “where to go” is generally revolving around the question about whether to go to the beaches or to the mountains. If I speak for myself, I too was confused. 

It was around the end of the month of October, and I was all set to book mine and my friend’s tickets to somewhere in India to get our heads cleared from the daily noise of Delhi.

Of course, we love Delhi, but a little change in the air is always welcome.

Going back to, about whether to go to the beaches or to the mountains, I and my friend thought of taking a different turn; the Desert!

We didn’t literally want to go into the desert, but something surrounding it. So, we thought of the city Pushkar. Coincidentally, it was the best time to visit Pushkar, with all the “Melas” happening there. Finally, after sorting out our destination, I started with the most important task to do, to make the bookings for our travel and stay. One can reach Pushkar by Air (nearest airport- Jaipur), by Bus, or by train. We chose the train. To travel by train on has to book the ticket till Ajmer station, and from there it’s just a 30-minute drive. With the wide range of hotels in Pushkar, it wasn’t a difficult task to look for a hotel for us, even though everything was very last minute.

With all the bookings done, me and my friend, set off for our trip to Pushkar. The train ride was as smooth as it could be. Since it was a really early morning train (Ajmer Shatabdi), we could see the Sun actually rising while the train was taking us to Ajmer. It was a scene that cannot be explained through words, inexpressibly beautiful! The drive to Pushkar too was very smooth. While I was booking the hotel, I really couldn’t think of the quality we would get. But to our pleasant surprise, our room was actually very good. Our accommodation in Pushkar came out to be superb. 

What I had heard about Pushkar, that it was a city surrounding the beautiful desert of India, Thar, with a huge number of “Ghats” and temples. But above all of this, I was way too excited to attend the Pushkar Mela. I couldn’t hold myself from watching all the beautiful camels dressed up in colourful adornments and actually ride one of them, and liveliness of the whole surroundings. 

So, the next four days of my trip included the very famous Pushkar Mela, the Pushkar Lake, some beautiful temples, and ghats. With the completion of my four day Pushkar trip, I and my friend headed home with the blissful memories of Pushkar. 

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