The Ultimate Skincare Guide: The Secret Behind Glowing Skin

by Vanya Luxury Herbal Luxury Brand

Great skin is not a dream but it needs the right care. Lifestyle, pollution, stress, as well as UV rays, can damage the skin. A good skincare routine is necessary to repair the damaged skin. Read further for the ultimate guide to build a skincare routine. 

Know your skin first 

The first step towards healthy skin is knowing your skin and one can opt for a skincare regimen accordingly. You are unique and so your skincare should be unique as well. What is your skin type? 

Dry Skin: dry skin is generally tight, rough and sometimes flaky. 

Oily Skin: oily skin is quite oily, greasy and might have pores and acne too. 

Normal Skin: the normal skin is clear as well as balanced. 

Combination Skin: the combination skin is dry in some spots and oily in some others. 

Sensitive Skin: the sensitive skin might burn with the application of certain skincare products or makeup.  

A good skincare routine is easy, quick and effective. It helps one in the quest to find the right skincare routine for the skin. With a wide range of products available these days, one can use masks, scrub, cleanser, toner, under-eye cream, face cream and so on. All can use these, however, for the people with oily skin, they can use the products during the winter season. 


Start your day by cleansing your face while taking a shower. It helps in removing dirt, dust, makeup residue and excess oil from the skin. The cleansing prepares the skin for the next set of products in the skincare routine. 


Toning is another important step that helps in balancing out the skin and is the second step in the skincare routine after cleansing. With toning, it helps in restoring the pH balance in the skin and make the skin ready for other skincare products as well as makeup. Rosewater is one of the best toners. The toners help in uplifting the skin. 


Serums are another important skincare product that should be included in the daily routine. It is infused with a concentrated dose of active ingredients so that it can treat different skin concerns that range from dark spots to wrinkles, tan and acne. 


Moisturisers are one of the best ways to protect your skin. The skin outermost layer acts as a barrier and protects one from the underlying tissue. It is essential to keep the skin hydrated as well as moisturised all the time. The day moisturizers are different from night moisturisers. 

Eye Cream 

Applying eye cream twice a day is quite essential. Though some people take it as an optional step, however, it is an important part of the skincare regimen. This helps in keeping dark circles, puffiness, hyper-pigmentation away. If you don’t have time, then at least apply eye cream once a day, especially at night.

Face Scrub 

The face scrub is another important aspect and it helps in exfoliating the skin. By scrubbing, one can help in getting rid of dead skin cell buildup to reveal new and youthful skin. There are many scrubs made from natural ingredients that are available for smooth skin.

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