The Ultimate Bracelet Buying Guide for Men: Choosing the Ideal Bracelet

by Naitri Sharma Content Writer

Gone are the days when wedding rings were the only jewelry option for men. Similar to other kinds of jewelry, bracelets for men can also be nice additions to your jewelry collection. There are different kinds of bracelets in the market, and finding the best one to complement your look and dressing can be a bit of a problem.


Fortunately for jewelry lovers, this guide will help even a novice decide on the best bracelets to buy for himself and others. 

Bracelet as a Fashion Item

Bracelets are subtle fashion items, meaning they are not meant to stand out or be the highlight of your clothing, like some type of earrings or statement necklaces. They merely add an accent to your dressing and enhance your overall appearance. The design of the bracelet you should wear will depend on the kind of outfit you're wearing or the kind of occasion. A metal bracelet is a natural choice if it's formal or corporate wear.


However, if you're more into casual, party, or daily wear, bead, leather, or rope bracelets should be your go-to bracelets for the occasion. Aside from the fact that they look casual, they also add a bit of rough-edginess or ruggedness to your appearance.


In essence, it doesn't matter the kind of bracelet you're going for. The role of this jewelry is the same: to add emphasis to your dressing. For a suit guy, it communicates that you're not a regular suit guy, and you know how to make a suit look good. It shows that you know how to appear truly casual for casual wear. Be careful to avoid showy bracelets, as that can ruin your look.

Best Types of Bracelet for Men

1. Broad Metallic Bracelets

This is the best type of bracelets to wear with suits and ties. Just as metals come in different varieties, so do metallic bracelets. A single metallic bracelet on your wrist can do the job. Anything more than that may be overkill. Every time this metallic bracelet flashes from beneath your sleeves, it shows your style and swagger onlookers.


Our recommendations for metallic bracelets include Silver, Black, and Gold Stainless Steel Reversible Link Bracelet and Gold Stainless Steel Black Carbon Fiber Link Bracelet

How to Wear it?

        Please avoid wearing it on top of your shirt sleeve.

        You can wear a shorter long-sleeve, so it's not entirely covered.

        You shouldn’t wear it on the same wrist as your watch.

        Avoid wearing a bracelet with gemstones because it will be too flashy for formal wear. 

2. Rope and Strings Bracelets

This is a direct opposite to metallic bracelets, which makes this type of bracelet perfect for casual or daily wear. These types of bracelets come in various widths or thicknesses. Some look hippy, some are decorated, and others are just plain. These bracelets for men are very easy to customize, and with some experimentation, you can create your signature look with them. They give a relaxed accent, which is perfect for casual wear, and it's also trendy.


Our recommendations include Darkened Silver Stainless Steel 6mm Hematite and Gold Bead Bracelet and Black Hematite with Gray Bead Bracelet

How to wear it?

        Don't wear it to formal settings unless your workplace is a software company, photography studio, graphic design space, or any creative environment.

3. Rock & Roll/Biker Bracelet

This is a statement bracelet because of its bold look. It usually features animal motifs and rugged-looking symbolism. This kind of bracelet gives off "badass" or "rebel" vibes. So you should probably not wear it if it doesn't suit your personality. It also gives you a non-conformist appearance that shows you don't care about the trend. It's incredibly masculine.


Our recommendations include Silver Stainless Steel Byzantine Chain Mountain of Skulls Bracelet and Silver Stainless Steel Matte Gun Metal Finish Skull Clasp Detail Bracelet

How to Wear it?

        Don't wear it to formal occasions or with formal wear.

        Best worn with biker clothing or leather jackets and rugged hairstyle.

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