The Top 5 Threats to Your Roof's Shingles

by Kevin Smith Author

Roofing shingles don't just look great on your home, they also protect your attic and the rest of the structure from major threats, including water damage, winds, and pests who are hoping to make a home indoors with you. However, your shingles are not invulnerable to damage, and you should do what you can to protect your shingle roof in Sandy Springs from its greatest threats. These are the most dangerous threats to the shingles on your roof, factors that may be at work even while you read this.


Wind will happily take loose shingles along for a ride if they're weak enough. Shingles can become brittle and loose as they age, especially if they've been exposed to water damage. Ferocious winds that are at work during intense storms can break shingles off of your roof.


Trees might shade your roof, but they can also be a major threat to it. Sticks, leaves, and branches loosen during storms or due to a natural dropping of debris on the tree's part. If debris falls onto your roof, your shingles can crack. Asphalt, wood, and clay shingles are all vulnerable to damage from trees and tall shrubs. You should have them trimmed to prevent overhang onto your roof.


Birds, squirrels, and other wildlife like to use your roof as a vantage point, or a safe area on which they can look down on their homes. Some animals even use your roof as a hunting perch. However, this means that talons, claws, and dirty animal feet are stomping all over your roof, potentially scratching your shingles. Some wildlife will even deliberately nest on your roof, and will dig away at your expensive roof shingles.


Mold can make roof shingles soft, brittle, and discolored. Eventually, your singles can tear, leaving dangerous openings into your attic. There are many reasons why your roof shingles may become moldy, but the greatest culprit is standing moisture. Without a proper drainage system, including gutters and downspouts, moisture can settle and invite fungal growth.


Did you know that you can protect your shingles, and if you don't act, you're actually doing your roof harm? Have your roof inspected at the first sign of flaws. Every shingle roof in Sandy Springs can use a professional inspection and repairs by roofing experts who know how to spot and fix damage. Maintain your asphalt, clay, or wood shingle roof with the help of dedicated professionals.



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