The tips about stop hair shedding and thinning

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Hair loss is a common side effect of aging, and typically affects men earlier than it does women. By age 40, about 50% of men will experience some degree of androgenetic alopecia (better known as male pattern baldness.) On the other hand, around 50% of women will experience female pattern baldness by age 70.

Why is our hair shedding? 
By the research online, the average woman loses about a hundred strands per day. So if you feel like you are losing more than that, there could be a number of reasons why that’s happening.
It could be related to age hormonal levels. If you’ve recently given birth and are dealing with postpartum things, hair loss is very common to see. Or it’s related to pregnancy , usually this will only last for about six months. Let’s talk some solutions to prevent colored lace front wigs human hair from shedding , thinning and loss.  

Tip 1. Staying hydrated.
You are stocking your fridge with fishes, shrimps and nuts , things like that carrys a lot of b12 and iron. So if you are vegan or vegetarian, you want to make sure you’re getting those nutrients from other sources. Of course aside from the diet, making sure that you are always hydrated,which is very important for you.  And maybe you’re super busy, or you forget or you just don’t like the taste of water, make it easier on yourself by adding some fruit or cucumbers to your water. Just set some reminders on your phone so that you’re constantly drinking water throughout the day. Staying hydrated is super important for maintaining healthy long thick blonde ombre human hair wig.
Tip 2. About stress. 
Stress is a kind of thing that someone must deal with it . Get some time to sort of destress, relax and meditate is very necessary. For example, I like reading books, taking regular walks, just stepping outside of my everyday reality for even just a few minutes, or taking a bath or getting a massage, that will definitely help with your 100% human hair bundles with closure

Tip 3. About massage.
Massage is a great thing you can do to help stimulate more hair growth.Taking your fingertips and just really gently in circles kind of massage your scalp and head, this is going to add some circulation and draw sort of blood flow into your head and scalp and in turn stimulate that hair growth. You can elevate this by adding a little bit of castor oil. Castor oil is really known to stimulate hair growth and keep it super healthy and soft. I recommend lavender essential oil or cypress or carrot seed or even coconut oil. All of these are really great on hair. They have regenerative ingredients to help stimulate that hair growth if you can get yourself a gentle scalp massage before go to sleep, or at least one to three times a week, that's really great. 

Tip 4. About styling.  
So first up you want to make sure that you are brushing your hair the right way. This is the time where you're probably seeing most of your shedding happening or you notice that the most because your hair brush is just full of strands of hair, so you want to make sure that you’re not over brushing. Because over brushing causes lots of of pulling and your hair will fall out more. So if you can keep the brushing as minimal as possible and when you do brush your hair you want to make sure that you're using the right type of brush. I strongly recommend for a wide tooth brush. 
By the time when you brush your hair, make sure that your brushing from the bottom working your way up to the top, never starting up here at the root and just dragging the brush down, that's really harsh. And just pulls your hair, it will cause more shedding. you should be super gentle on your hair. 

Tip 5. Brush your hair before shower. 
I also suggest always brushing your hair before you shower. Because in the shower this is another time where you will see a lot of shutting happening during it. After shower so if you brush your hair before your hair gets wet well, this well definitely help minimize the amount of shedding that happens during and after the shower. 
Tip 6. Shower in the morning.
The time of day that you shower also can affect your hair loss or hair shedding issue. So I always recommend if you have shedding or setting hair to always shower in the morning instead of that that night before bed because sleeping with damp wet hair and soggy follicles can be really damaging. This causes a lot more dandruff on your hair and your pillowcase and make your hair more prone to breakage and damage and of course more falling out. 

Tip 8. No hot shower.
Taking really hot showers is also not good for hair health. For the hot water and steam is really dehydrating on your hair locks. Dehydration causes more brittle strands that will break and then again you're experiencing more hair loss. So turn that water down to medium when you're taking a shower and when you're washing out your conditioner, turn it down to cold like really cold if you can rinse out your hair with cold water. It is great for extra shiny hair and it's also more gentle on your hair. Well, I know it is not the most pleasant thing ever you' ll probably be very uncomfortable but it's definitely worth it.

Tip 9. Dry the hair. 
  it's time to dry your hair, there’s some extra precautions. Make sure that you are using the right type of towel to dry your hair. It could be a microfiber towel or even an old t-shirt rather than using a regular towel because they have such big harsh rough fibers in the material. Regular towels cause a lot of friction especially if you are not drying your hair the proper way. So I always recommend patting your hair dry and also gently squeezing with minimal twisting. Be really gentle with your hair, please. 

Tip 10.About flat iron.
 When it comes to styling your hair, if you like to use hot tools, make sure you turn down the temperature a few degrees at least, or try to keep this heat styling to a minimum alipearl hair extensions can actually hold. Here’s a tip, if you curl or straighten your Lexis you can store them on the deluxe Tyler or in the the carrier to preserve that texture of the hair extensions. And then when you put them in, you can repeat this style for a couple days over and over again, in turn you're using less heat on your hair. 
Tip 11. About hair extensions.
On that note about hair extensions. If you do wear hair extensions or if you're thinking about it especially if you have thinning hair or really more fine hair, I am a great option for you is the alipearl hair. It is seamless collection because it’s got a really super thin silicone band that lies super flat against your scalp.  it's very light, gentle and comfortable after you install it on your head. And it’s not gonna be super harsh and heavy and pulling down on your ear hair strands.The seamless collection was designed for people with thin hair so we always recommend if you want to add that extra length and volume especially if you are experiencing hair loss or thinning hair and you want to add a bit of that back without damaging your hair, the seamless alipearl hair extension collection is a great solution for that. 

OK, everyone. It’s the end of my blog, will you can learn something from it. Thank you. 

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