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The Shining was based on a horror novel authored by Stephen King, which was published in the year 1977. The film was directed by Stanley Kubrick, who has proved his prowess in film making and made it one of the most horror films ever made. The Shinning is full of terrifying and horrible moments, which left you frightened. The film is a horror classic and was a massive blockbuster, and you will remain stunned with the haunting and terrifying visuals. The film inarguably stands as one of the most technically high and influential stocks in the market of horror movies, which left you sleepless for several nights. The film is full of scenes that forced you to hold your breath with terror and scare. The scariest moments among them are the following:-

Here’s Johnny
This scene could be termed as the most horrific scene of the movie played very well by the lead roles. In this particular scene, Jack is trying to Murder his wife, who is hidden inside the bathroom, and the doors of the bathroom are locked. He is relentlessly hacking at the entrance of the bathroom so he could kill her wife; meanwhile, he is also cracking the jokes. The character of Jack has been figured as a calm one, which does not match this character when he had attacked his wife. This particular scene will be left you trembling with fear and terror.
Entering of Jack in room no.237
This scene is not only terrifying but also haunting, and the director has used different colors to manipulate the mood. You can see the use of red color everywhere in the movie, which shows anger and aggression. Danny informed Jack that he saw an evil woman in the room, and haring this Jack entered the room no. Two hundred thirty-seven of the Overlook hotel. When he entered the room, he saw a young woman and lost in lust for a few seconds, but on looking back into the mirror, he found that the lady was old and rotted away.
When Jack follows his wife, Wendy at the hotel stairs
Wendy is the wife of Jack, and one day, he found Danny had an injury in his arms. She suspected Jack for all this as there was no one else in the hotel. Wendy took a baseball bat and started swinging it at Jack when he followed her up. The monologues delivered by Jack at this moment will unnerve you. This scene is perfect in which you can get the glimpse sinister motives of Jack. He started pursuing his wife, saying, ” Wendy. Darling. Light of my Life. I am not going to hurt you. I am just going to bash your brains in. Wendy somehow protected herself by smacking Jack on his head.
The conversation of Jack and Grady in the bathroom
The conversation took place between Jack and Grady is unnerving, and you will found that Jack has been told that Grady had killed his family. Grady is the winter caretaker and a butler at the hotel, and when he looks into the mirror, this accusation gets confirmed by his reactions. He is a ghost who convinced even Jack to kill his family.
Jack hugs his son Danny
The scene in which a father hugs his son could always be soothing and relaxing, but it is unnerving When Jack hugs his son Danny. Jack had not slept for so many days, and when he hugs his son, the camera focuses on his face, which reflects the sinister state of Jack’s mind. Danny wanted to take his toys from the room in which Jack is sleeping, but Wendy stops him to do so, but he quietly went into the room, and here Jack calls him over.
A tidal wave of blood enters through the elevator doors
This scene is genuinely haunting as a large quantity of blood comes through the elevator doors, and this scene took almost a year to reach its perfection level. This scene is not only horrific but also the most iconic view of this movie. The view shows the surreal nature and camera angle has made it more realistic and frightening.
The twin girls calling Danny to play with them
This is quite a very frightening scene of this movie in which you will that twin girls dressed in matching blue frocks are standing at the end of the way of the hotel hall and calling Danny to play with them. They are saying the dialogues in a very haunting way, ” Come and Play with us, Danny. Forever, and ever, and ever.”

Chasing Danny through the Maze
This is one of the early scenes of the film “The Shining,” in which you got to know about an on-site maze of the hotel Overlook.  Wendy and Danny had head into this maze for fun and to enjoy the day. Jack is chasing Danny in the hotel to kill him. He caught Danny in the kitchen, but Danny escaped from his clutches, fled away into the snow, and disappeared into the maze. The use of Steadicam technology and the confusing geography of the maze along with the excellent performances of Jack and Danny has made the climax frightful and unnerving.
When Wendy sees a man in the bear suit
This scene was quite frightening as Wendy sees the shadows of two men while coming up the stairs of the hotel. She found that one of them was wearing a bear suit, and another was in a suit and tie. They were involved in committing some sexual act.
When Jack explains his nightmare to Wendy
Jack has strictly told her wife, Wendy, not to come into his room as he got disturbed while writing. But Wendy often went into her room to make sure whether he is all right. One day, when she entered the room, she found Jack sudden collapsed with fear, and when she asked whether he is all right. Jack told her about his frightening nightmare in which he had murdered both of them.
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